Know about Treatment for Liver Cancer in India

Liver Cancer

Cancer is the growth of tumour cells that can grow anywhere on the body. The liver is an important organ that needs protection from damages and other problems. There are several factors which influence liver cancer that can affect the quality of life.  Some of them include hepatitis, cirrhosis, smoking, alcohol, infections, and DNA changes. People who suffer from liver cancer should undergo a treatment for improving the conditions with high success rates.

With medical technologies are advancing these days, liver cancer patients can focus more on their improving their living standards  to a large extent. Another thing is that they show ways to recover from the symptoms efficiently with the latest technologies. Since the liver cancer treatment cost in India. may vary from one hospital to another hospital, it is an important one to know more about them in detail. Another thing is that it allows patients to choose services which exactly fit their budgets and needs.

How to detect liver cancer?

Liver cancer will result in certain symptoms and anyone who faces them should consider visiting a hospital for fixing them with high success rates. Some of them include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Feeling full after taking a meal
  • An enlarged liver and spleen
  • Abdominal pains
  • Building-up of fluid in the abdomen
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • Fever
  • Abnormal bruising

Patients who suffer from liver cancer should undergo certain medical tests such as CT, ultrasound, imaging tests, MRI, angiography, bone scan, biopsy, AFP test, laboratory test, liver function test, kidney function test, blood clotting test, complete blood count, blood chemistry tests, and so on.

There are several tests conducted to diagnose the symptoms of liver cancer and surgeons will determine whether a patient is eligible to undergo surgery or not. They even consider the physical conditions and other factors before performing the procedure.

Treatments for liver cancer

The treatments for liver cancer will depend on the stage and other things allowing patients to ensure the best results. Some of the treatments meant for liver cancer include liver transplantation, partial hepatectomy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, embolization therapy, and chemotherapy.

Liver cancer involves different types and surgeons will recommend a treatment based on the conditions. A liver transplant surgery needs a donor for replacing a completely damaged liver. The therapy treatment costs may vary depending on the number of cycles and stage enabling patients to undergo major changes. At the same time, they may lead to some side effects that require additional medical attention.

Cost of liver cancer treatment in India

Hospitals in India will determine the costs of liver cancer treatment based on the below factors.

  • Age
  • Stage
  • Experience and qualification of a surgeon
  • Overall physical conditions
  • Imaging tests
  • Medical exams
  • Location of a hospital
  • Recovery process
  • Hospital stay

A liver transplant requires 22 days stay in the hospital and 40 days outside the hospital. At the same time, hepatectomy needs 6 days stay in the hospital and 10 days outside the hospital.

Several hospitals in India offer liver cancer treatment services to patients with the most advanced technologies thereby showing ways to experience the desired outputs.

How to compare the costs of liver cancer treatment in India?

Patients who want to compare the costs of liver cancer treatment can visit medical tourism websites that can help to make a better decision. A medical tourism website covers the details of topmost hospitals in India allowing patients to match the prices easily for planning a visit accordingly. One can know the liver cancer treatment cost in India online that can help to select services depending on the requirements. Patients can even send their details to a hospital through email before making a visit. This, in turn, gives methods to schedule an appointment in advance for undergoing surgery without any difficulties.

Most medical tourism hospitals in India aim at offering high-quality medical services to patients at affordable prices. The costs offered by them are low when compared to other countries which benefit international patients. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of a medical tourism hospital before undergoing surgery or other treatment procedures.  Besides that, a patient can get estimates from various medical centres for choosing services at the estimated budgets.

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