Three easy way to make cigarette boxes with creative design ideas

cigarette boxes

Nothing can attract customers more than creatively designed cigarette boxes. They are one of the primary reasons for the growing demand for cigarettes as tobacco manufacturers make a lot of effort in making them alluring and appealing. They are printed with the branding and marketing information of the business as many governments restrict the advertising of tobacco products on mainstream media. Aluminum is inserted to keep the items protected from harmful elements like moisture and dust. The package is made up of cardboard that has a reputation for being one of the most eco-friendly materials. They can be laminated with many finishes like a glossy or matte vinyl sheet or foil coating. They are printed with alluring illustrations and colors that attract the customers in no time. They have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, thanks to their customizability. They generally have a foldable lid that works as the opening of the packaging. 

The businesses that are continually bringing innovations are booming and beating the competition. The same is the case with the tobacco industry. But in this industry, it is the innovations in packaging that are affecting many businesses. Cigarette boxes can be manufactured in many designs and shapes, thanks to their versatility. This article will show you three amazing ideas to make your package unique and creative. 

Round shape packet

Cylindrical packages look unique for every type of product, but they can be exciting to look at as cigarette packets. As we know, Custom cigarette boxes can be manufactured in any shape and design. The round or cylindrical shape can be made more comfortable with the cardboard stock. The feature of this design is that you can design it in the same way as the design of your products. Their colors can be matched with the items to be placed inside. They can be textured in the same manner as of the products. You can even shape them in the same way your items are. The foldable lid can be colored and designed in a way that resembles the filter part of the product. And the lower part can be linked with the lower part of the product. In this way, your package will exactly look like your product. This is one of the unique ideas to package the item. Imagine many of them lying on the shelves of the retail shop together? They can make your product stand out among others and can catch the eye of customers in no time. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this idea.


  • This is one of the unique ideas.
  • It can grab the attention of every customer in no time.
  • It can increase sales drastically.
  • It can increase your brand recognition and enhance your brand identity.


  • It can take more space.
  • This package may not be easy to handle.
  • It may not be effortless for customers to carry it if it is not made up of suitable quality materials.

Lighter shape packet

Lighter shape cigarette box can be a unique way of showcasing your products in style. This packaging can be made up of cardboard stock. The shape is a rectangular one that may seem to you conventional. But it is not as it is the design that is going to do wonders. We all know the importance of lighter for smokers. It is considered a symbol of someone’s style and social class. You can give the package-specific, more luminous shapes according to your targeted audience. If your targeted customers are wealthy class, then you can give it a way of any premium brand lighter. If they are gamers, then you can give it a form of lighter that reflects the gaming style. The foldable lid can be manufactured in a way that people can open it like they open their lighters. This is one of the stylish packaging types that can build your reputation of a style-conscious brand. The following are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is one of the most stylish and unique ideas to package cigarettes.
  • It can increase the loyalty of your customers. 
  • It is easy to handle and carry this packet.


  • It may cost you more to put a lighter design of a premium brighter brand on it.
  • People may not like a specific design of lighter.

Sliding tray Coffin packet

This type of customized Cigarette boxes can effectively communicate the dangers / hazardous of using the product. As the name shows, a coffin is the symbol of death. That is why this packaging can talk that excessive use of the product may result in the design of the package shows. This packaging can be made with cardboard material. But this design does not contain a foldable lid. It includes a sliding tray that glorifies the design of the box. The sliding tray will hold cigarettes, and every time a customer will pull out the dish from the coffin, he or she will be thrilled. This can reduce the excessive consumption of these products and can improve the reputation of the brand. This is because you will be contributing to a social cause of spreading awareness that will show you care about the health of the people. The following are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It can enhance the reputation of your brand.
  • It is a very eye-catching and unique design.
  • It can uplift the image of your brand.
  • It can spread awareness about the dangers of excessive smoking.


  • It will take more space on the retail shelves.
  • It may increase sales, wondered why? It is just because it is an excellent design after all that can be appealing to customers. 
  • It will cost you more than the regular one. 

Creativity brings innovation that is a must to stand in this era of fierce competition. These were three creative ideas that can make your cigarette box packaging unique and attractive. They can cost you more than regular ones, so buy cigarette boxes wholesale to maintain your budget. 

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