A Quick Guide to Clean Your Vape Tank

HQD Cuvie Plus

If your ordered new vape from online store which is delivered at your doorstep, then yours excitement fills yours entire body. Just open the box and start smoking you will get best experience. After two month the same vape will be dirty and gunky. The problem arises here with the smoking experience as it lacks the performance. Do you know how to get rid of such problem? It’s by cleaning your vape device tanks each and every part. For long term use of vape gadget maintenance is the key.

All gadgets available in the market are made of different component. The basic parts are tank, coil and battery. You just realize that you don’t have any idea about cleaning the vape device tank. Don’t worry I will guide you how to clean your vape main component.

Cleaning the vape tanks:  You need to clean the tank every time when you change the flavor of your e juice.  On doing so it will remove any residue and also don’t let the flavor from getting mixed. If the tank is clean or just new warm water works well. You need to place each parts in water and dry with towel or piece of clothes. 

Here are the steps: First you need to fill bowl with warm water and detach the tank from mod. If you have e –juices left in the tank then completely throw it from tank. Place tank components in bowl and start washing until its clean. If tank is still filled with dirt, dish shop work well. Finally air dry half an hour after cleaning with paper towel. Reassemble tank and device.

If your tank hasn’t been cleaned for a while you need to add one more steps. Microwave water for two minute along with your disassembled tank. Take the water tanks out of microwave. Finally the water cools and take out the tanks. Here are the steps: After disassembling the tanks put your tank in microwave. Put for at least two minute.

After taking out use non flavored vodka to break down e juice. After that air dry for half an hour and reassemble the tank.  

Following Cleaning Agent Can Be Used

  • Non Flavored vodka- It can be used as cleaning Agent which can be found in grocery store.
  • Baking soda-It can be used to get tanks sparkling and is a good cleaning agent.
  • Vinegar-It is known to rinsed prevent its smell from lingering and is highly acidic cleaning agent.

Reason to keep your tank clean is must. It impacts that build-up and residue. It can have on the flavor quality of your e-liquids. E liquid comes with different flavor. The HQD Cuvie Plus comes in following flavor: Mango guava, Blueberry raspberry, Pink lemon, Apple peach, Ice mint, Blueberry, Black ice, Black mamba, Sky mint, Mojito, Iced tea, Chocolate mint, Mango peach, Cotton candy, Rainbow, Pineapple ice, Strawberry, Banana ice, Mango ice, Energy drink, Candy and Red ice.

After using for years sometimes you need to get completely new vape tank for optimal performance.

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