electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette also popularly known as vape have mixed review some say its best way to get rid of smoking habit while some doesn’t recommend vape. Instead of regular cigarette, it can be  alternative to nicotine replacement therapy. Some vape juices may not contain nicotine as well but most of them contain nicotine. Here you need to be smart enough to buy the e juices used in vapes. There are several things you should consider buying e juices. E juices are considered soul of an e-cig .They are available in many flavors as well so it’s quite confusing and frustrating to select the best one.

Don’t worry we will provide complete guides to select correct choices for you. Let’s start from what e juices consist of? All the e juices consist of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Flavor. Here nicotine is optional in e juices.

The most important thing you need to consider while purchasing E juice is flavor. If you don’t like the flavor it’s not worth buying it. E liquid comes in various flavors:  food, cocktails, fruity and tobacco blends. We recommend HQD Cuvie disposable (Cuvie v1) where you can find plenty of flavored juices of food and fruits like lychee ice, Mango guava, Blueberry raspberry, Pink lemon, Apple peach, Ice mint, Blueberry, Black ice, Black mamba, Sky mint, Mojito, Iced tea, Chocolate mint, Mango peach and ice mint. If you are new one in choosing the flavor then chooses according to your test. Usually new one who wants to quit smoking chooses tobacco blends that mimic the taste of popular brands.

Second most important while buying e juices is nicotine strength. We can choose the nicotine amount while purchasing the e liquid. I can guarantee that we have total control over our nicotine intake. Once you have decided to choose the flavor now its turn to choose nicotine strength. First it depends on vape device, for lower powered ‘mouth to lung’ e-cig devices, 12mg is a better to start but If you are inhaling more vapor in a ‘direct to lung’ style e-cigarette device then 3mg or 6mg is more suitable.

Here is everything you need to know about nicotine strength

High: 17mg to 30mg – For chain smokers
Medium: 9mg to 16mg – For average smokers who smoke half a pack.
Low: 6mg and below – For smokers who go through less than half pack.

Another important factor to be noted are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). The Vegetable Glycerine  of the e-liquid is usually infused with Nicotine and the  Propylene Glycol  portion is the  flavor infused in the e- liquid. PG provide good flavor but produce weak vapor whereas VG provides massive cloud of vapor. The mixture of the two in varying ratios of PG and VG produce the e juices. 40:60 is the common PG to VG ratio. The one who have consume with the ratio, they are satisfied. As high VG give you dense vapor and smooth vaping experience some wants 20:80 PG to VG ratio.

Now it your own choice to find the flavors, nicotine strength, and PG/VG ratio that will work best for you. Vapes are known for giving the same satisfaction as cigarette and is the best alternative for regular tobacco too. Some facts and hacks you need to know if you are using vapes.

Best coils for flavor

You should know how important coils are and know about their function. The main function of the coil is to provide heat resulting e juices to kick up the flavor and vapor. While inhaling the vape you might experience a loss of taste of flavor and nothing giving you the same hit as before then it’s time to change the coil.

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