Accessories that Smokers can’t live Without

Accessories for smokers

Smoking is a luxury that few people can understand. It is a lavish lifestyle and a statement for style. Many people look down upon smoking. People think of it as a negative deed, as something that should not get any respect in the world. But in reality, it is quite the opposite. But what sets apart an average Joe from a polished and refined smoker? Accessories. Yes, it’s not just about the cigarette anymore. It is about how you can be different from the rest. Even if you have the same cigarette in your hand as everyone else on the street, why would anyone look at you twice? Because the smoking accessories that you garnish your little stick of addictive desire is much more addictive that the stick itself.

smoking accessories

Smoking Accessories

The Curious Case of the Case

A cigarette case is a very classy and elegant accessory to have. It piques the interest of the onlooker. It keeps the users guessing about what kind of a cigarette you are smoking. What brand would it be? What strength? Are you a sham smoker or are you in the big leagues with Cannabis right up your alley.

There are different kinds of cigarette cases available on the market today. A cigarette case can reveal a lot about the personality of the person attached to the white desire stick. IT can tell if the guy or girl is thrifty (a silicon cigarette box cover), a regal person (Etched metallic case), just a show off (plastic printed cigarette cases) or a suave person (wooden cigarette boxes). So, if you are planning to buy cigarette case online, remember to check what it’s going to say about you!

Herb Crusher

Herb Crusher

This one is for those who like to roll their own. Bonding with your own weed gives a different high. When you crush and grind your own marijuana, mix it with your tobacco, roll it into a perfect little cigarette you connect with the cigarette at a whole different level.

Not everyone gets that, but then again, not everyone is as special a smoker as you are. Investing in a good grade aluminum herb grinder can be a great idea. When you use a good quality herb grinder, you are sure to get a uniform grind quickly and easily. What’s more, it’s totally a style statement to take out that grinder from your pouch before you roll your joint.



If a cigarette doesn’t burn right it ruins the flavor profile. Usually, irregular burning or uneven burning occurs because the paper itself doesn’t have the right humidity. This means that the moisture content in the paper is irregular and in different pockets. To ensure that you get an even burn every single time investing in a humidor can be a really wise thing to do.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You can simply buy a small and portable humidor which doubles as a cigarette case. In case you don’t have one, and your cigarette burns unevenly just wet the paper where it’s burning to fast. It will stop it.



You’re thinking why to invest in an ashtray. It is the most basic and mundane thing ever. Hell, just use a bowl instead, right? Wrong! An ashtray is the classiest thing that you will own. It adds to the charm of a household. It speaks volumes about your taste, your sophistication and of course the level of seriousness and commitment you have towards smoking.

These days you can ashtrays that will blow your mind. If you want to slip one into your pocket, you can even get that! A portable ashtray can help you smoke anywhere without making a mess. It is odor free and makes you look stylish everywhere.



Zippo has pretty much reined the lighter world for a very long time now. People all over the world look at a Zippo lighter as a style statement. However, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket while you indulge in the wispy whiteness of the smoke that emits from your cigarette, you can go for any other decent lighter.

There are many companies that are making unique and tasteful lighters all around the world. You can simply go to the internet and look for one that suits your budget. And really, who will come to flip your lighter to check the brand name so long as it looks regal and classy? Buy a decent one at a good price and the show it off!

On the whole

If one has to truly enjoy smoking, they have to accept it as a lifestyle. It isn’t enough to beg for a cigarette or buy one at a time. You have to first connect with the symbolism that a cigarette represents. You have to understand what it really means to be one with an herb. Smoking is an act of unity with fire. It is an expression of rebellion, of strength and of passion. Decorating it accordingly is the best way of showing respect to it.

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