How a man smokes V/s how a woman smokes!

male and female smokers

Ever wondered what innate difference in attitude is there between a male smoker and a female one? Don’t believe there are any? Well, think again! Smoking is a very private and personal activity. Even if a smoker is standing in front of a thousand people and taking a long and deliberate drag from his or her cigarette, the act itself continues to be very private in one’s own head. So, is there a difference between male smokers and female smokers in their own private heads?

Well, here’s a few that we’ve been able to identify.

Smokers holding the cigarette

Men hold the cigarettes unabashedly. There is something masculine even in the way it is held. Between the index finger and the second finger, the cigarette stands proudly and firmly lodged. It is further inside in the gap and requires the men to hold their entire palm open in front of their mouths in order to pull a drag.


Women, on the other hand, have something casual and coquettish about the way they hold the cigarettes. It sits almost comically right at the first node of joint in between the two fingers. The way the cigarette is held sort of forces one to focus on her nails. It sits pretty such that every time a cigarette is brought close to the lips for a drag, one can notice their long and manicured nails.

Pursuing the lips

Men smoke as they breathe. It is a simple drag, with little or no change in the shape of the mouth. No curling of the lips, no extra effort involved. Just a little parting of the lips and a straight drag inside. However, women, they will do the whole thing each time like it is a big activity in itself. The lips first curl into a full circle, the wind passes through the cigarette and enters their mouth, you can trace the smoke pass through the throat and then the smoke comes right back out through the rounded pursed lips. This entire act is like an act of seduction. Regardless of whether the lady does it mindlessly, the act of a women smoking is just too sexy.


You can be absolutely sure that there is a much higher chance of a woman carrying smoking accessories than a man. Men will mostly pull a cigarette out from their cartons and burn it up with a matchstick and get it over with. Women will have stylish monogrammed cigarette cases, along with cute and expensive lighters. Their pretty little cigarettes will come out of pretty little cases, be lit up with pretty little lighters and adorn their pretty little lips.

Tar content

More often than not, men smokers have a much higher tar concentration in their cigarettes as compared to women. Women treat cigarettes not just as an addiction but an indulgence. This is why you will find more women users of flavored cigarettes. Everything from fruits to mint is quite popular amongst the female smokers as compared to the men who prefer good old tobacco and tar.

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