Smoking, in my opinion, is one of the most seductive and attractive activity if done right. However, not a lot of people see it that way. Well, maybe they’re just jealous. However, circling back to the idea of looking sexy or appearing attractive, let’s talk about the glam world and the number of celebrities who is a smoker! The list will probably never end, so here’s my version of favorite stars who smoke cigarettes!

Smoker List among Celebrities


Rihanna sexy smoker

This girl is hands down the sexiest woman around. She looks sexy, sings sexy and boy oh boy she smokes sexy! RiRi smokes unabashedly and loves to flaunt that she does. There was a phase when all her instagram posts used to sport a burning stick on the lips.

Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson

This all American beauty has all American tastes. She loves her cigarettes but isn’t very vocal about her addiction. Although paparazzi finds its way to take her smoking “smoking” shots, she’s never seen very publicly with a cigarette in her hands.

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

Sweet as a rose, Kristen is a chain smoker. She is known to take smoke breaks in between her shots as well. Kristen has risen to fame after her role as Bella from the Twilight. Well, one’s got to admit; this Belle needs a cigarette in her ball!

Kristen Dunst

kristen dunst

Yes! Unbelievable as it might sound, Dunst loves her cigarettes just as many love their coffee. She may not smoke 100 cigarettes a day, but she is certainly addicted.



We love her voice and she loves her cigarettes. She went through a major throat surgery in the year 2011 and was forced to quit smoking. However, the moment she started feeling better and recovered, she had her smoke back up in her hands. The year 2012 definitely saw them cigarettes burn away at her lips.

Eva Longoria

eva longoria

The definition of petit beauty also loves rolling petit cigarettes between her fingers. She has been spot on multiple occasions driving around with a smoke in her hands. That is surely a welcome sight for sore eyes!

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

She is beautiful. And what makes her look even better is a smoldering cigarette in between her fingers. She doesn’t smoke a cigarette just out of addiction. Maybe she just knows how hot she looks while smoking those little sexy death sticks.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

This wide-eyed beauty loves her cigarettes as well. Mrs. Kutcher (sigh) looks ravishing with her cigarettes perfectly nestled between her lips. She is known to take regular breaks to down one cigarette off and on in between her shoots.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

As the spawn of Hawn, Kate definitely looks spectacular. She’s a fabulous actor with a free spirit. And just like mommy dearest, Hudson to loves her cigarettes. Kate needs those breaks no matter how busy her schedule is.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

The singing sensation Lady Gaga can smoke up to 20 of these bad boys in a day. We know of her eccentric clothing and eclectic looks, but we surely did not know she was a chain smoker.

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