Beneficial Smoking Types for Consumers

Smoking Types

Despite the negative effects caused by smoking and the health risks associated with smoking of tobacco, some smoking types have beneficial effects on the consumer and it helps them alleviate their stress and overcome many medical problems that may exist like obesity, Parkinsons Disease etc, to name a few.

Given below are some smoking types along with the advantages it offers consumers which makes it beneficial for them.

Advantageous Smoking Types


Voke is an innovative nicotine inhaler which can probably be termed as a truly safe cigarette type due its lack of heating or combustion process involvement. All that the consumers need to do is get a small burst of nicotine just through the small breath-activated aerosol device.

Harmless Cigarette

These cigarettes help those in the urge of quitting smoking to do it successfully without any arduous process. Consumers simply replicate the process of smoking without breathing in or breathing out any smoke and the best part of these cigarettes are that it contains zero tobacco and zero nicotine.


E-cigarettes are considered less deadly in comparison to the regular cigarettes due to it producing zero or no tar as well as toxic gases that gets produced on the consumption of cigarettes.

Prototype Cigarette

The prototype cigarettes use several toxicant reducing technologies which in turn reduces or dilutes the level of smoke to a great extent.


Marijuana is a very popular smoking type which has several medicinal as well as spiritual benefits for a consumer.

Given are some of the medical and spiritual benefits of marijuana

  • Reduces nausea
  • Improves appetite of those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  • Helps in meditation


This popular smoking type allows users to quit smoking as a whole due to the lower level of carbon monoxide in it.

Low Nicotine Cigarette

Cigarettes contain a stimulant, nicotine which makes the consumer get a kick upon consumption and causes a lot of damage to them.  Thus considering the negative effect of this stimulant, low nicotine cigarettes can be considered a smoking type which may prevent the consumer from the craving of nicotine on a whole.


Tobacco has some positive effects attached to it namely, it prevents constipation, strangulated hernia and nasal pulps, to name a few diseases that get cured.


This stimulant despite the negative effects attached to it helps improve the attention and memory of human beings.

Smokeless Tobacco

This popular smoking type helps consumers less prone to develop mouth ulcer which is related to the consumption of tobacco.

Organic Smokes

Organic Smokes uses natural ingredients like tulsi leaves and green tea in its cigarettes to prevent the level of carbon monoxide and nicotine in a human being thus making it a beneficial smoking type for the consumers on a whole.

So, despite the negative health effects associated with smoking and its types, some of the smoking types also have some perks attached with it.

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