stash cans

As cannabis has been legalized in more states, more people are starting to use it. Overall people are pretty open-minded about marijuana use but there are still those uptight people who believe it should stay illegal. When you ask them, “Why?”, they probably don’t even know why.

For some people, keeping their weed use hidden is best. Some people have no idea their loved ones use cannabis. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or medicinal, people should be able to live their own life, the way they want. Others shouldn’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

If you fall into the group of people who need to hide their love and use of cannabis, we have the perfect item for you. Safe cans are the perfect item to keep anyone from knowing you smoke weed. Even if your family doesn’t approve of CBD use because it comes from the same plant, you can hide those too. Whether you want to hide it in plain sight or stash it away, these are going to be the best way to go about it.

stash cans

What are Stash Cans?

Stash cans are the perfect items to put anything in it that you don’t want others to see. Whether you’re putting money in it, cannabis, jewelry or something you don’t think it’s someone else business to worry about. Lets’ face it, people are generally curious and nosy. Putting your items in a safe place like a diversion safe will make sure you don’t have to worry about your items getting stolen. Now you can leave the house without worrying about it. In case you think some of your items are too expensive to be left around, putting it in a safe can is perfect.

Even if a robber did come in when you weren’t home, they would not even think about opening a random soda can, hidden wall safe that’s disguised as an electrical outlet, or a fake wd-40 can. A burglar usually spends less than 15 minutes in a house. In this time, you want to make sure they won’t see anything suspicious when they quickly glance over the room.

A safe can is disguised as another object. Almost any household item you can think of, you can probably buy a version of that as a safe can. The great part is the dimension all the way down to the weight. Picking up an empty 12oz. Coca Cola can will weigh the same as if it had the liquid in there.

What to Know

Although there are a ton of different safe cans, there are a few things to know about them.

Keep Cannabis Fresh

The best part is these safe cans are perfect for being airtight. They will definitely keep your cannabis fresh by being airtight so you don’t need to worry about moisture in there. Keeping your dry herbs as original as the way it did when you got it can be tricky.

Not Smell Proof

Just because there is an airtight lid on it, it doesn’t mean you will not smell what’s in there. Some of them, depending on the design might create a smell from up close. Most of them will not smell. They usually have a really tight seal when closed.

Not Indestructible

These safe cans are usually a bit stronger than the real thing. The inner layer of the can is lined with hard plastic. It makes it hard to break it or even dent it. However, it is not indestructible.

Different Safe Cans

In order to hide something in plain sight without realizing it, you need to fit it into something that will divert their attention. Here are some of the main household items they’ve made into safe cans.

Soda Cans and Drinks

The most popular version of safe cans is soda cans and drinks like Nesquik milk chocolate, water bottles, and much more. They are something you will find in everyone’s kitchen. It’s the best place to keep it because it will blend in with the regular items.

Wall Safes

Whether you have a wall safe or a safe that is designed to replicate your electrical wall out is great. This will be the ultimate safe because no burglar will even try to use it. They won’t even have time for it.

Medicine Bottles

There are Advil and Tylenol bottles you can hide your stash in but remember that burglars might be looking for different medicines in your cabinet.

Food Cans

Another great place to hide your stash is in stash cans design from food cans or food packaging.

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