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Due to the negative views toward marijuana, many people who consume it try to hide while doing so. Although since the inception of vaporizers, smokers have been able to overcome some of the unfavorable sentiments attached to smoking. However, in order to bypass the judging eyes of onlookers and laws prohibiting vaping in public areas like airplanes, hospitals, schools, libraries, theatres, public transportation, etc., vapers resort to discreet vaping.

What is Discreet Vaping?

Discreet vaping is the act of vaping in a secret or sneaky way. Many vapers usually have the urge to take a few draws while on the go without attracting unwanted public attention. When the sign reads “NO SMOKING,” vaping could be a reliable alternative to people who need it badly. The good thing is you can do this without alerting others. The best way to go about this is by using the best convection vaporizers.

Unlike cigarettes, which produce smoke, vapes produce vapors which come in different pleasant scents like mint, vanilla, and other sweet-smelling flavors. Small-sized vapes are the best for discreet vaping as they can easily be concealed in the palms. They also produce thin vapors, which make the act less detectable. However, this must still be done with caution as the vapors (no matter how small), can still be seen and the aroma perceived.

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How to Vape Discreetly

Perhaps, you’re in a public place but you just need to satisfy your cravings, or maybe the signs say NO SMOKING, use these techniques to stay under the radar like a stealth ninja!


Although this may not be the ideal scenario, it is great when you want to vape a very tiny bit. Microdosing cannabis with a vaporizer is generally a new idea that has been floating around from taking tiny amounts of psilocybin. Microdosing is when you consume a very tiny amount, not enough to fully feel the effects but just enough for your body to get the active ingredient in your body.

Hold it in

Holding it in means two things here — letting the vapor linger in your mouth for a while before exhaling and holding the vaporizer close to your body, hidden away from view. In the first instance, when you take a draw, you have to hold the vapor inside your mouth for a while, as opposed to exhaling. The reason is that keeping the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds will make some of it condense into fluid, thereby reducing the size of the vapor that comes out when you exhale.

In the second instance, you have to hold the vape pen very close to mouth (under your chin) while you tuck your chin in, close to your body. This method is a bit less effective but much better than vaping openly if you care about privacy. A better suggestion on this is to place your hand close to your chin and cover your mouth as if in deep thoughts while taking small short draws on your vape.

Inhale twice

Take in a short draw. Don’t blow it out, but pause for a second or two before taking another draw. Hold it for some seconds, as you feel your lungs expand and adjust to accommodate more air intake. This condenses some of the vapor and reduces the size, thereby producing a small, less noticeable puff. Of course, you should exhale out the vapor slowly and in thin clouds. But why take two draws? Taking more would result in a larger, denser amount of vapor to contend with.

Regulate the temperature

Ensure you reduce the temps of your unit, as this can determine the amount of material vaporized. The higher your device’s temperature, the greater the amount of cannabis vaporized, and by extension, the thicker the cloud of vapor exhaled. So, the rule is the lesser the device’s temps, the lesser the vapor produced. Plus, you get to enjoy tasty hits when you go low.

Blow inwards

It’s a good idea to blow towards your body. Don’t worry about the smell — most products, especially ejuice, are designed to have pleasant scents like fruits and mints. The aroma alone cannot give you away unless someone is actually watching. When the released vapor falls on your clothes or skin, a part of it is absorbed into the exposed surface area, thereby, breaking down the amount of vapor flying loose in the air. Your body or clothes act as a shield to the vapors which effectively reduces its impact.

Take a deep inhale

A deep inhale means you can hold your breath for a longer time. This helps you take as much draws as you can in your mouth; hence reducing the number of repeat draws. To do this, take a deep long inhale lasting a few seconds, then, slowly let it out in small short outputs.


While these are our suggestions for staying discreet, you can also come up with your own ideas However, bear in mind that keeping your vaping discreet doesn’t make it a top CIA secret. At some point, people can still find out, especially if you’re not careful enough. Also, do your best to obey laws/restrictions against vaping in certain places and situations, as doing otherwise is not only disrespectful but can land you in big trouble.

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