As vaping steadily grows in popularity, it is important to discuss what the social norms are surrounding this activity, and where should vaping be allowed or shouldn’t be allowed.

After all, vaping is proposed as a healthier alternative to smoking, and as an effective way for nicotine users to indulge without having to take smoke breaks. But where is it appropriate to vape? Can those who vape use their devices in public where smoking would not be allowed such as in museums, workspaces, cinemas, and other places.

Stepping Down from Smoking

It generally accepts among the medical community that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is a push by both medical professionals as well as vaping manufacturers as a way to gradually quit smoking. And while the medical community is largely in the debate as to the long-term effects, the majority are comfortable with vaping as a short-term substitute to wean off of harmful tobacco, and ideally, also vaping.

With many smokers (and non-smokers alike)turning to vape, users are experimenting with vaping indoors and in various social spaces, often pushing the boundaries and definitions of what is and isn’t allowed or socially acceptable in public spaces.

The Spread of Vaping

Vaping utilizes water and special juices to deliver “vapor” instead of smoke as with traditional combustible cigarettes. Because of this, many who vape have no bad feelings about pulling their device out in any situation. After all, the output is mostly just the color/flavor/scent of water vapor.

However, there are some locations where this may be frowned upon such as the theater, museum, restaurants or cinema.

Vaping Etiquette – where should you draw the line?

In areas where vaping allow, it is important to make sure to observe proper etiquette. By being an observant vaper, you can make others feel comfortable with your indoor indulgence.

Here are some steps you can take to err on the side of politeness and caution:

  • Making sure to blow vape clouds away from other people
  • Check with others who are nearby before you begin to vape
  • Invest in a “pod mod” or other stealth-vaping devices to lower cloud output

These small steps can go a long way in maintaining a positive attitude between yourself and those around you.

Vaping in the Workplace

While nicotine and various oil consume for a variety of reasons, there are many who use them to lower stress. Being able to vape in public places, especially in the workplace, may allow users to indulge in stress release or relief without having to take multiple breaks during the workday.

While some employers outright ban vaping, others allow it in designated areas or even within office settings.

The Case of Public Health

Public Health England firmly stands behind vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. IN fact, they claim that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and reduces the overall risk of cancer dramatically.

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, many governmental, public and health facilities are under both a smoking and vaping ban.

As an Alternative to Smoking, some establishments are considering the following as a compromise, allowing vaping:

  • In specific rooms – so patients can smoke in beds
  • As an alternative for pregnant women – to reduce rates of smoking while pregnant
  • As a solution to move towards quitting – 57,000 smokers a year use vaping to quit

Some doctors are even recommending and prescribing vaping devices for those attempting to quit smoking.

Concerns – Valid Arguments

There are a few concerns about allowing vaping to take place anywhere:

  • A push by smokers to normalize smoking – cigarette smokers may wonder why vaping allow in places where smoking is not.
  • Smokers may regress – there is concern that when reform smokers are around those who are currently vaping, that they may be tempted to take smoking back up.
  • Air pollutants causing negative health effects – while more in-depth studies need to be done in this area, there is concern about aerosols, metal, and increase nicotine levels affecting the air around vapors.

Potential Advantages – outweighing the negative

The positives of vaping over smoking outweigh the concerns:

  • An increase in productivity at work – smokers no longer have to leave their desk for multiple smoke breaks if allow to vape in the office, allowing for more work to get done.
  • Reduction in health insurance costs – smokers have many health issues, so switching to vaping reduces these issues and lowers the cost of insurance.
  • As vaping becomes normalized, smoking reduces in popularity.
  • Vaping allows those who need nicotine to partake without the adverse risks of smoking.

Smoking restricts to limited areas, due to its second-hand effects. it, as of current understanding, does not affect others in the same way.

To Vape or Not to Vape

Always check state and local laws to make sure vaping allow in public places.

If you want to vape at work, ask your employer what workplace policy is. Beyond that, use common sense. If you want to vape at the museum, do not do it near works of art, as that may leave a bad impression.

If you want to vape at the cinema, sit where your cloud will not obstruct the view of others watching the movie.

Vaping at a party? Ask the homeowner and other nearby guests if they mind. This would be an excellent situation to take advantage of outdoor vaping, as there are sure to be people to socialize with outside, as well.

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