Vape vs Cigarettes: A Day in the Life of a Vapor


I used to smoke cigarettes. Now, I vape.  The differences are tremendous… in a good way. In fact, there were so many positives to focus on (how I felt, how I smelled, etc…). Then there was a day a friend of mine asked me an about the differences in smoking vaping vs cigarettes.

He made me realize there was a major difference between the two that I wasn’t even observing: social smoking. My buddy asked me if I noticed people acting differently around me now that I vape instead of smoke cigarettes.

I hadn’t noticed… not because it wasn’t happening… because I wasn’t really looking for it.

So, I decided to.

vaping be allowed


I work at a restaurant, so we have these set times that we could get a little break, including a smoke outside. Now, the people I work with never judged me for smoking cigarettes because they were smoking them themselves! But when I came back inside, the non-smokers I work with had a disapproving look on their farces. This time around, when I pulled out my Flower Mate Vapor Max (my new favorite…’cause of how fast it heats to the perfect setting), I paid attention to everyone when I went out to vape. As expected, the smokers didn’t really care… Although, I was surprised how many wished they can switch to vape and said they were considering it.  When I came back inside, I still got disapproving looks. I guess there was no way for them to know I was vaping unless I stood on a chair and made an announcement beforehand.


Next observation came from when I went with my cousin to an amusement park. I’m not going to name which park, just that it’s one of the big ones in Southern California.

We’ve got annual passes so we’ve gone a lot. Him and I, in the past, smoked cigarettes in designated areas. It always felt very cagey and it was weird seeing family members watching us from just outside the rectangle pen. This time I brought my portable vaporizer and made sure to puff it while walking in open space. I never got a look, nor did anyone ever comment about what I was doing. It all felt very casual and comfortable. Truth is, I’m not sure if vaping is even allowed outside the cigarette prison, so that’s why I didn’t name which park we were in!


Next, I went out to dinner with my wife and a bunch of her old college friends. afterward, when we were standing outside, I pulled out my vape and took a few puffs. I got to tell ya if that was a cigarette I would not feel as comfortable as I did that night. It was like no one even cared. And I felt completely cool with it.


We went out to a bar that night and I stepped into an open space multiple times to vape. No one cared. Other people were doing it and it really was no big deal.

FINAL SAY Vaping vs Cigarettes

I’m happy I made the effort to focus on the social differences I experience when I vape in contrast to when I smoked cigarettes.  For the most part, it’s all positive… and I honestly don’t see myself ever going back.

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