Why Your Eyes Go Red Eyes After Vaping Weed

Why Your Eyes Go Red Eyes After Vaping Weed

Pot…Blunt…Mary Jane…Blaze…Herb.

One Leaf, many names.

In case you missed the last century, we are talking about Cannabis. Once a subject of taboo, Cannabis has become a coffee table discussion.

And why not? The last few decades have witnessed a steep and steady rise in the number of cannabis consumers. A National Survey on Drug Use and Health, suggests that around 30 percent of young adults (18 – 25 of age ) make up for more than 40 % of weed consumers.

The internet is going gaga over this new trend of combining Testolone and cannabis to treat diseases such as cancer and muscular degeneration. Studies suggest it might even help men in achieving that dream body.

So if you are wondering whether you could pop a RAD 140 Canada and smoke some good hash at the same time, well that discussion is for some other time brother.

But if you are someone bothered by the Red Eye Syndrome, stay tuned to find out why your eyes go red eyes after vaping weed.

What is Cannabis?

It’s not a drug, its a leaf. Or so, a stoner would say.  

vaping weed

Cannabis, a drug synthesized from Indian hemp plants is essentially a depressant that gives you the good highs. The active chemical responsible for such good highs is the in THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol in play.

It slows down the Central Nervous System’s ( brain’s responses ) activity resulting in delayed transmission of messages between the brain and the body. This lack of mind-body coordination is a very common phenomenon that stoners usually describe as the ‘otherworldly experience’. Welcome to your very first lesson from 101 Marijuana Guide For Dummies.

What is Vaping weed? How is it different from smoking?

Inhale…hold…exhale…smile. That is vaping.

Vaping, as the name suggests is simply inhalation and exhalation of aerosol or the vapor. Smoking and vaping though close cousins, have a very stark difference, the later being tobacco free. A recent study shows that cannabis when vaped might lead to short-term anxiety, memory loss, and even paranoia, as compared to smoking. Irrational consumption could land even a seasoned stoner in the ER. Also, it is always a wise option to go for the best quality cannabis seeds.

The key to this problem, as researchers might suggest, is to regulate the amount wisely. For someone who doesn’t use cannabis regularly, vaping could be a potentially dangerous thing.

What happens when you vape cannabis: The Red Eye Syndrome :

Smoking or vaping weed edges the THC, CBD, and other unique cannabinoids to interact with the body. This results in an increase in the heart rate as well as blood pressure. But cannabis is quite a complicated plant and so are its effects. After a few moments, the heart rate and blood pressure suddenly drops, dilating the capillaries and sending a warm rush of blood to the eyes, making the eyes look bloodshot. Hence, the Red Eye Syndrome. You can get the Cannabidiol products for treating this syndrome easily from Ontario Cannabis.

What causes the signature bloodshot eyes after vaping?

Contrary to popular belief, the smoke isn’t responsible for those red weed eyes. The cannabinoids give it away. The degree of redness may vary from person to person depending on the amount of consumption and one’s sensitivity level.  THC lowers blood pressure and dilates the blood vessels and capillaries. It, in turn, increases blood flow to the eyes and assists in the reduction of intraocular pressure. This very thing aids in the treatment of glaucoma patients.

Do Red Eyes have any adverse health effects?

Unlike other side effects of cannabis, red eyes are pretty harmless. However, that doesn’t qualify as a welcome reaction. Red eyes are tell-tale signs of smoking cannabis and could easily give away a person. So if you are more of a loner stoner, that is not something you would want. Luckily there are many tried and tested ways to get rid of red eyes.

Speaking of which…

So, how do you get rid of the red eyes?

One of the most widely used remedies for weed-red eyes is over the counter eye drops. Every variant pretty much has the same composition of tetrahydrozoline which is known to treat eye allergies, itchiness, and red-eyes. It is an alpha-agonist which helps in dilation of blood vessels.

You could opt for ones with low or even zero THC strains. Strains that run high in CBD and CBN are more likely to cause reddening of the eye than the ones with low THC. Now it is hard to say whether it is a fact or another popular belief, but some even suggest, staying hydrated to get through the cannabis hangover. Intake of fluid alleviates the dryness thereby resulting in less itchiness in the eye.

And the rest is common sense. Consumption of caffeine and chocolate is known to constrict blood vessels in our body. Not a cocoa person? Try licorice and sodium instead. Or you could simply let it be. If the stigma around red weed eyes bothers you, plan your sessions in the solitude of your room. Red eyes, after all, mean no harm and do not pose in adverse health effects.

So the next time you look into a mirror after a session, don’t get alarmed by the red Drac eyes. Don’t flatter yourself. It is probably just an extra rush of blood flow to your eyes.

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