The coolest weed gadgets you will ever come across

Uber for Weed

Weed and everything around is often looked at as a rustic and divine item. You don’t expect it to be overly complicated ever! You want things that help you quickly roll a j and be on your way to nirvana. However, times have changed a little bit these days. People are overly interested in showing off their little gadgets with a lot of pomp and adore!

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The Grumbler

You know what makes people the happiest? When one unique device is combined with another unique device to make a completely new unique device, it makes everyone really, really happy! This is why Grumbler made it to the top of the list. The grumbler is a unique and fantastic device that has a grinder and a tumbler.

The design is pretty simple. In fact, it makes you wonder what took so long to develop a product so simple. You know what they say about Genius is in the simplest of the things! So, the tumbler is pretty much the common tumbler but it is smell proof and child resistant seal (although we aren’t too certain about what that means). It is also water-proof and impacts resistance (that just means it’s not unbreakable but it’s also not too brittle).

The Grinder is where all the genius is involved. It basically acts a lid to the tumbler. It sits on top and it gives it the much-needed airtight environment. The tumbler itself has a good amount of space so you can pack it with a lot of the good stuff and a few small accessories as well like paper and filter.

There’s another clever attachment in this. There’s an insert that creates a section to keep your pre-rolled js in place. But there’s more, if you invert it, it turns into a funnel so that you can pour your round herb into the rolled j and pack it well! Like we said; pure genius!

The Smoker’s survivor kit!

It is so hard to believe that people actually spent some time and effort in putting together this life saving a little item of happiness for the well-being and upliftment of the perennially ill-treated smokers. This is a kit that every smoker needs (that is, of course, he or she is serious about smoking).

Imagine a situation where you have your stash and can’t use it. It’s right there in your hands, sopping wet. What do you do? Cry till your eyes bleed. But don’t worry; this survival kit won’t let that happen to you ever again.

The Smoker’s Survival Kit is an airtight, watertight container that will save your stash from any calamity. This high-grade impact resistant material is built specially to ensure that it doesn’t open and scatter your stuff everywhere without warning, or it doesn’t get a dent or break the first time it falls down.

It is a lightweight material which has been used to make this, so, if it ever falls into water, it will float beautifully towards you! You don’t have to go swimming in the pond to look for it. So, if the zombies are attacking and the world is coming to an end, you cross the ocean to save yourself from them, your faithful stash can come with you and give you a wonderful for that one last time!

Weed Delivery App

This might not be a gadget, but it is a tool that can come in very very handy for us smokers all around the world! It is basically a weed on demand app. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is an app that can help you place an order for your choice of weed.

You simply use it as a food delivery application. But instead of going through lists of restaurants delivering food to you, you go through different vendors of weed. Choose the one that suits your budget and order your own stash! You can also buy weed delivery app and enable different vendors to sell their weed on your platform. Every time someone buys using your app, you will end up making money!

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