Do you have a Stoner Personality?


Personality traits are a beautiful thing. They help people bond, they make people predictable and most of all, we just like to talk about it. So, here’s a list of saucy characteristics that will tell you if you have a Stoner personality.

You are Always Forgetful

It might sound silly at first and you might think it is a one of an incident, but the more you think you realize that you keep forgetting things all the time. Sometimes, you forget to call people back, on other occasions, you forget your keys. Sometimes you leave your wallet behind at home and sometimes you leave your phone at your friend’s place. Chargers, headphones, power banks and headphones don’t exist in your life anymore because you have left so many things so many times.

Stoner Personality

You are Awfully Relaxed

No matter what the situation is, you are relaxed. You will stay calm, cool and collected under fire. Your levelheadedness is so surreal that sometimes people are even doubtful about whether you realize the gravity of the situation or you are simply being aloof.

You Act Wisely

You may be smart an all, but you act exceptionally wise. Even in situations where the answer is quite obvious, where the result is plain as day, you will end up acting as the smart middleman and try to weigh out both the options before taking a final decision.

You are a little extra at everything

If you are generally a little additional in everything then it is a classic stoner trait. This means that you add double exclamation marks, more question marks than usual, more full stops for continuity and your yay’s and nay’s have multiple y’s.

You smile-like-a-lot

You just can’t stop smiling. No matter what is going around and everyone seems to be pissed off, guess who can’t wipe that grin off their face: you! It may or may not be because you are stoned. Maybe it is because you like your happy thoughts and you keep them in your mind all the time.

You repeat yourself too much

You say things but aren’t really sure that people heard you. If you think they heard you, you aren’t certain that they understood you. So, you keep repeating yourself. Not just that, you keep giving a dry laugh every time you repeat what you said. So, people don’t just have to go through what you say, they also have to hear your raspy laugh again and again.

You are either always hungry or always ready to take a nap

Two things that every stoner absolutely LOVES are getting eating and sleeping. So, if you are always ready to take a siesta or ready to wolf down some food, then perhaps you are truly a stoner. If you are generally like that in your daily life, then you have the typical characteristics of a stoner.

You have a radar to pick up other Stoner Personality

If you can pick a stoner from a group of hundred folks, then you probably have the characteristics of a stoner. Stoners have an inbuilt mechanism to identify other stoners around them. Somehow they will instantly be able to zero in on their fellow stoners. If you aren’t one and if you try to speak to one, you will meet a cold wall. They will know aren’t for real and you are just messing with them.

You wear a lot of tie and dye

If you love to wear a tie and dye clothes and have dreadlocks, you are definitely someone with stoner personality. It’s not nice to stereotype people but there is a pattern that stoner have. They love to do the tangent and so if you are keener on wearing tie and dye and love to keep dreadlocks, then you are definitely a stoner.

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