vaping pods

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit –

Being beautifully designed and manufactured, it is a refillable pod which is made from a powder of metallurgy stainless steel with real carbon fiber. It is a very lightweight and durable pod which is made from premium alloy shell along with carbon fiber panels which helps in getting excellent grip. 

The pod cartridge can easily be filled – one just need to rotate the cap next to drip tip and it also has a button which can be used when anyone change the pod cartridge.

This pod operates at 17 Watt at 1.0 ohm and has a capacity of 2 ml and 8 hrs of battery life. 

MyBlu Starter kit –

It is one of the compact, elegant pod device and very easy to use and has several flavors to choose and gives a good throat hit and one of the interesting thing is its battery lasts very longer. Having high nicotine content it is less intensity. Not only this, it consists of a battery section where pre-filled pods can be inserted. It has no buttons and it gets active automatically when vaping starts. This pod runs for at least 400 puffs and its battery capacity is 350mAh which contains 1.5 ml of e-liquid. 

This pod has several colors of dots which shows the battery life. Blue color shows full battery, orange one shows halfway complete while red means to put it into charge. You don’t have to worry about charging time as hardly it will take 20 – 25 minutes and its comes along with a USB charging cable.   

Smok Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit –

This is one of the best refillable pod which consists of nic salt.  It has a powerful battery which is powered by 1100 mah and can lasts for 8 – 9 hrs. It heats up very fast, easy to use for first timers. It has several coil options such as it has 0.6 mesh coil and a 1.4 ohm regular coil. 

To activate this, it has a firing button which has to be fired. It is comfortably designed and has duck-billed style mouthpiece. In addition to this, the battery is compactly and ergonomically designed making it comfortable to hold and easy to carry. 

Kilo 1K Ultra E-Cigarette Pod System –

Having said that, it is one of the most luxurious vaping pod which is extremely easy to use and is small and stealthy. It uses nicotine salts more than as compared to freebase nicotine juice. It does not provide an easy and tight mouth and it never gives a dry hit. 

It has matte black finish with a comfortable rubberized grip. It’s size is 109mm x 9.5mm x 18mm. It is a kind of simple plug and play ecosystem which provides magnetic connection pods. It is automatically activated when inhaling and does not provide dry hit. 

Smoking vapor Mi-pod Starter kit –

It is one of the best vaping devices of all time. It is a small, lightweight and one of the good quality of vaping pod. It gets charged easily and fast and has a long battery life. This Mi-pod is made from plastic and aluminum. This pod uses manual auto-draw activation for a simplified vaping process . It supports both replaceable and refillable pods with a 2ml salt based e-liquid capacity. It is attached with anti-leak technology.

In addition to this, it has LED battery indicator through which one can know its current battery level. Blue light indicates a full battery, a purple light indicates half battery and red light indicates low battery. Not only this, it has voltage output of 3 – 4.2 volts and has cartridge resistance of 1.3 ohm. It is also attached with stealth mode mechanism which provides privacy. 

Myle Tropical Mango Pods (Pack Of 4)

Myle Pods – Myle pods are one of the best vaping pods and most commonly used pods of all time. There are lots of myle pods flavor such as mango, strawberry, sweet tobacco, iced quad berry vape pods, gold vape, classic menthol pod. It is a non-refillable pods use and throw pods. And this is why you don’t need to fill everytime again and again. Myle pods comes 0.9ml of vape juice with 50 mg of nicotine salt strength and more than 200 puffs are guaranteed. You will never be disappointed while buying Myle pods from Dubai online stores like VapersZone.

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