Useful Smoking In The French Way

french way

Even children know that smoking is harmful to health. However, there are no arguments working for those who already have this bad habit.

No matter how many times we all heard about smoking being harmful to health, some people simply cannot give it up and keep on smoking for years. 

Oftentimes, we give it a try. Many heard about how famous classic writer Mark Twain was giving it up. “Giving up smoking is easy, I`ve done it hundreds of times”. But the habit worked out throughout the years, takes its course and a person smokes a cigarette over and over again.  

It is interesting to know whether there is any chance for smoking to bring at least a pinch of usefulness or to have a healthy alternative. This is what gave an idea to French developers to create a useful version of a cigarette. Famous French brand tried to answer this question through inventing the first “useful” cigarettes.

To smoke or not to smoke. This is the question. Everyone has their own answer. A famous French brand of Smarin creative furniture suggested the original solution of eternal dilemma. People are aware here that smoking their useful cigarette only trains lungs but not destroys them.

The harmful inhaling of tobacco smoke is suggested to be replaced by inhalation. In fact, what the French created can be safely called an inhaler cigarette.

Inhalation is a healthy alternative for smokers as long as French invention is an inhalation-cigarette. An elegant device filled with not tobacco or chemical «slush» like popular today electrical cigarettes but natural essential oils. A smoker feels a pleasant taste after each toke but produces no fume. Each puff fills the lungs of the “smoker” with a delicate aroma. At the same time, there is no smoke, neither inside nor outside.

People in Smarin believe that their invention will help many smokers not to quit smoking only but to restore respiratory rhythm also. Noteworthy, a device vibrates during smoking and barely sounds. Doing so it makes a smoker synchronize a respiratory rhythm. Right breathing, in its turn, makes it to where one relaxes and calms down. That is exactly the point explaining smoking.

Besides all of the above, the design of the device is made in the shape of an elegant twig – worthy reason for many aesthetes to spend money on such a toy. And those who do not smoke might take it as a challenge and follow another chic habit of French people. 

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