What does your cigarette tell about you?


If you are a smoker, you will realize that the cigarette you smoke talks about your personality. There are so many kinds of cigarettes available in the market that for a non-smoker it might simply seem like a big puzzle.

However, a smoker knows that like shoes, a cigarette is the right indicator of a man’s or a woman’s personality. I mean, even Sherlock Holmes can vouch for that. A cigarette butt at the crime scene is almost like a fingerprint.

So what is it about a cigarette that indicates personality?

Before we understand how a cigarette shows someone’s personality, we have to understand the various kinds of cigarettes. The diversity of smokes is huge. You will find just about everything from flavored to organic, small or large, concentration differences and of course the price tag that comes along with them all.

Then, of course, there is the aroma (which non-smokers stupidly call stench) and the aftertaste which lasts in the palette of your tongue long after you have smoked.

So what’s your type?

Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges is a type of cigarette which is very specific to the kind of people who smoke it. It is in a manner of speaking, extremely personal. So, for someone who smokes a Benson & Hedges, it is impossible to replace it with any other brand.

He (or she) is particular and meticulous. In order to be able to smoke B & H regularly, one also has to be affluent because it happens to be quite expensive ($9 and above in different states). These people aren’t smoking for the sake of it. They do so because of the subtle flavor and a smooth and rich aroma that rises from it.


Marlboro is an upper-middle-class smoke. Anyone with a decent job and an addiction can sport Marlboro. It is easily available in a lot of places, so the users are not extremely distinct in terms of social standing or particular to any profession or region.

A Marlboro smoking community can be huge and diverse. It is taken by people with taste and style on a budget. Marlboro does offer a few different flavors that appeal to women or even college students. The taste is rich and the smoke clear and strong.

Classic Milds

This is a smoke for one who really wants to smoke regardless of where he is. Classic Milds are available everywhere. They are pocket-friendly and can be afforded by anyone. Mostly heavy smokers choose Classic Milds because they are affordable, available and have a great tobacco concentration.

Classic also offers other flavors like menthol to cater to new smokers or even women. However, the most popular remains to be Classic Milds.

Djarum Black

By far the classiest and subtlest smoke (yes, it’s mine, you can judge by the bias). Djarum black emulates a clove both in smell and in taste. Because of its mildly sweet paper and flavor, most non-smokers prefer to start with it.

It also happens to be the favorite of ladies as it has all the richness without the harsh burn in the throat caused by tobacco concentration. The flavor is subtle and smooth and it because of its classy black color it complements your demeanor!

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