A cigarette a day keeps the doctor away!

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If you are a smoker, then you might echo my emotions of hatred towards the general masses who keep on ranting about how cigarette affects our health adversely. I mean so does not exercise or eating copious amounts of lard daily! But do people even mention that? No!

All they want to crib about is how the cigarette is evil. In fact, in a lot of countries, smoking is such a taboo, that they would consider a perfectly good gentleman or lady to be one with lesser values, just because they prefer to take a smoke.


How legitimate is that? This is why I am forced to write this article which focuses on some of the chief benefits of cigarette smoking. This should work as an eye-opener to those who look down upon smoking, and a morale booster for the smokers! Cheers!

Smoking can eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a real threat to the individual and society. People have no idea about their illness and yet commit strange activities while suffering from this ailment. The nicotine released while smoking seemingly calms the brain down and reduces the situations wherein the schizophrenic symptoms appear.

Bid Adieu to overeating disorders

The US is cursed with the plague of obesity. Smoking is a very strong appetite suppressant. This means that it naturally curbs one’s desire to overeat. If people started smoking regularly in healthy doses, a lot of the problem of obesity will be solved very easily.

Self-confidence and esteem booster

Studies indicate that people who smoke feel a lot more socially secure, self-confident and comfortable with themselves. Many studies and researches indicate that for people suffering from personality disorders, smoking has proved to be a wonderful solution. As people begin smoking, it helps them evolve into stronger personalities.

Make your brain more alert

The real threat to the society today is not just physical health. Because of the increased levels of stress mental health has literally gone down the drains. Regular intake of nicotine in the form of smoking helps in alleviating pressure from the minds. It helps people stay more alert and keep their brains active for longer durations. It also enables people to focus better.

Cigarette acts as an Anti-inflammatory

Nicotine is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. It suppresses any form of inflammation and gives signals of relaxation to the brain. If you are suffering from any inflammatory pains such as sacroiliitis, spondylitis, arthritis and sciatica and so on and so forth, a cigarette can help in reducing the pain significantly by reducing the inflammation in various parts.

Unbelievable, isn’t it! The one thing that everyone curses are one with so many hidden qualities. No one is asking you to smoke the whole pack or even more a day. Just know how much you should do and you will live a much healthier life. Keep smoking, and keep being healthy! Cheers!

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