Don’t Drink and Drive, just smoke cigarette and fly!


Everyone talks about how they want to fly and touch the sky, but they still fail to do the one simple thing that could help them achieve this. Just pick up a cigarette, light it up and reach the heavens! As a smoker, I can tell you that you don’t have to be an avid chain smoker to enjoy the succulent, soft and wonderful high that a cigarette gives you.

Just about every magazine has this little article about how smoking kills and tobacco is bad when people conveniently ignore the fact that smoking too has its own benefits. I might sound a little stupid while saying this, but really, take a look at it; why would half the world continue smoking in spite of knowing what it can cause?

There has to be a good explanation for it right? Here it is:


Smoking Cigarette Relieves

I can even vouch that in this desperate money minded and stressful times, a cigarette is the only thing that has kept the rate of suicides and murders where they are. Had it not been for this tiny friend, the murders would have been the double and suicides quadruples.


The government claims to want to stop people from smoking. Oh really? Why then isn’t a ban on smoking? Because smoking is one thing that is responsible for filling up their coffers. Smoking and cigarette making is an entire industry which offers employment to thousands of people. One smoking ban and half the country would be unemployed.

It’s not just the people who are involved in smoking or making hate cigarettes, there the packaging company, the company that manufactures the paper of cigarette, the transportation company, the designers of packaging and so on and so forth.


Smokes are easy alternatives to any other drug or form of stress buster. It keeps people occupied and gives them a sense of relaxation. You can easily find yourself a box of cigarettes while most of the other drugs would be very expensive or unsafe.

Easy medicine for a lot of illnesses

If you are a smoker, there are more good effects of the same than the ill effects. For a smoker, picking up a Cigarette is the best treatment for flu, nausea, fever, and asthma. And let’s face it, all great men and women smoked! Whether it is Godfather himself, or even Erin Brockovich!

It can help you get over obesity

The biggest disease that haunts most of the world today is obesity. Cigarette safest option to curb your hunger pangs. It helps you keep expensive surgeries t bay. Most of the models survive only on water and a couple of packets of cigarettes. Not that smoking so much is great but to a certain extent, it is great.

Keeps the medical researchers going

The biggest reasons for extensive research in the fields of medicine towards lung cancer and other illnesses caused by smoke are the fact that people smoke. If the threat goes away the funds contributed towards the research o such stuff is sure to go down. It will push the answers to these questions a further decade away.

It’s important to know what you are doing and do only the things that you want to. If you want to smoke, don’t give a rat’s fart to what the world says, but be a responsible person and make sure that your decisions affect only you and no one else.

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