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I have been wondering if I buy cigarettes online. Will it be alright by the time it reaches me? Or will be a complete disaster by the time it gets here? Well, I tried it and it’s awesome! I set out to buy cigarette online and looked up a lot of websites and came across many issues. Here’s a list of all the problems I faced and a quick solution for them for all the enthusiasts trying to buy cigarette online.

Choosing a website

When I typed “Buy Cigarette Online” I realized that there were close to a hundred websites claiming to have the “best cigarettes” online. I didn’t quite understand how better could the best cigarette of the same brand be?


However, I realized that not all cigarette sites offer to sell the brands that you are looking for, and if they do, they don’t deliver in your area. That is why when you start searching; remember to type in the brand of a cigarette while you are searching so that you get a list of only those websites that sell your stuff. Also, put in the location before you do the whole process only to come to the last page to realize that they don’t deliver to your location.


People always ignore reading the disclaimers put up on the sites. However, with Cigarette dupes in the market, make sure that you read the disclaimer before you start choosing and finalizing your products. You will find some sites promise authenticity, while others claim that they are not responsible for the products that are being delivered because they are being shipped directly by the merchandiser.

Postage and handling

However, there are websites which are absolutely safe in terms of delivery and promise to make you pay only if you receive the products in the right condition. If not you can always send them back. However, since not all websites come with such a promise. Your best bet when you buy cigarettes online is to go through customer reviews and only then make your pick.

Cigarette Stick to your favorite site

Once you have found a site that meets all your requirements. You better stick with it for always so that you have a good relationship and understanding with the website. Websites also are known to offer loyalty programs and perks. If you hang around long enough, you might get the best deals always!

Cigarette smoking is a very unique and pleasurable experience. Regardless of how much people condemn it, I for one am sure that I will never part from my beloved puff! This is why I make sure that I always buy the best supply so that my stocks never dry out!

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