Do you have staff that smoking stick? Do you get annoyed when they take a fag break? Does it bother you that every minute they spend smoking is a waste of valuable time that could be used to do some productive work? Well, don’t let it bother you. Let them get on with it.

I used to have the same issue when I had to manage staff; staff who smoked and took regular fag breaks. It used to annoy me no end until I pulled one of them aside. It asked them what it felt like to actually smoke? The answer I got actually got me thinking on a totally different angle.

smoking stick

What happens during a smoking stick break

Staffs usually gather at a certain point within or outside the building when they want to smoke. It is like a fraternity and most of them have arranged to meet at a certain time at the smoking point. Whilst having their puff, they talk to each other about their woes related to work, or how a certain task is becoming difficult to manage. While this discussion goes on, fellow smokers come up with ideas on how to deal with that particular problem. Problem solved. Your member of staff has just got away on how to finish that particular task. He comes back to his desk and starts working away. Sometimes he may not even have a way out of his problem but the very fact that he vented his frustration out in the smoking area has made him look at the problem positively with a view to solving it.

Had he not taken that smoking break, he would be frustrated and still be dealing with his problem till the day ended.

The other thing that usually happens in the smoking zone is that your staff members are de-stressing themselves. Strange as it may sound, the very act of exhaling the smoke has a calming effect on the nerves and your whole system. This, in turn, will calm you down and you come back to your desk in a much better mind frame.

Did you know that smoking stick wards off depression and hypertension? Depression and hypertension are actually the biggest culprits for your staff pulling sickies. With the constant pressure on targets and productivity all the time, staffs tend to get depressed, de-motivated and suffer from high blood pressure. The staff that tends to smoke actually “puff away” the stress and therefore keeps the depression and hypertension from affecting them. If someone is stress we advise them to take deep breaths. Likewise in smokers, the inhaling and exhaling of the Cigarette are just like taking deep breaths to calm you down.

Globally lots of countries are putting a ban on public smoking and employers are now going out of their way. By provided designated smoking rooms for staff that need to take a fag break.

Do them and yourself a favor. Remember happy staff is a productive workforce. If they produce you come up trumps. Let me smoke and churn out the work for you.

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