Chemotherapy is a drug that is used to treat many types of cancers. It is also termed as chemo. However, there are other methods also to treat cancer like surgery and radiation therapy, which kill or damage cancer cells in specific areas. Chemo, on the other hand, works all over the body and kill cancer cells that have spread to other parts which are far away from the original tumor. Chemotherapy costs in India range between USD 650 to USD 1100 per cycle. The cost varies as it depends upon many factors like stage of cancer, chemotherapy drugs, and more. 

Main goals of Chemotherapy 

If you are diagnosed with cancer and your doctor recommends chemotherapy to treat it, then the first thing is to understand the main goals of Chemotherapy. There are three primary objectives for Chemotherapy in cancer treatment:

To control the condition

If in many cases, the cure for cancer is not possible, then Chemotherapy is done to control the disease. Chemotherapy is done to shrink or to stop cancer from spreading and growing. 

To cure the condition

Chemotherapy is used to cure cancer and is done to destroy cancer cells. 

For palliation

When Chemotherapy is done to ease the symptoms which are caused by cancer, it is called palliation. Advanced-stage cancer is not under control as it has spread to other body parts from the primary position. At this stage, the main goal of chemo is to ease the symptoms of cancer that can help the patient to feel better. 

Why is Chemotherapy done?

Chemotherapy is done to kill cancer cells as the drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to destroy fast-growing cancer cells. It is the most effective treatment done to treat cancer and also has mild side effects too. Chemotherapy is done :

  • To cure cancer without other treatments and can be used as the primary treatment to treat cancer.
  • Chemotherapy is done after all other treatments, including surgery, so that remaining cancer cells can be destroyed if left in other body parts. 
  • Chemotherapy is done sometimes to prepare the patient for other treatments. In many cases, it is done to shrink cancer tumors before radiation therapy or surgery.
  • Chemotherapies is sometimes done to ease the symptoms of cancer in advance stages of cancer. 
  • Sometimes Chemotherapy is done to help patients in other health conditions too like 
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Control an overactive immune system in certain diseases

Top Doctors For Chemotherapy Treatment in India

  1. Prof. Dr. Suresh H. Advani, Medical Oncologist with 43 years of experience 
  2. Dr. Ashok Vaid, Medical Oncologist with 35 years of experience
  3. Dr. Vinod Raina, Medical Oncologist with 37 years of experience 
  4. Dr. Hari Goyal, Medical Oncologist with 23 years of experience

Side effects of Chemotherapy

There are many side effects of Chemotherapy which are worthy in many cases as the patient gets a complete cure. Chemotherapy side effects can range from mild to adverse and it entirely depends upon the type of cancer, the extent of treatment and more. Below are some of the common side effects of chemotherapy treatment:

Vomiting and nausea

These two are common side effects of Chemotherapy, however, the oncologist will give medicine to reduce these side effects. 

Hair, skin, and nails

During the chemotherapy treatment to kill cancer cells, patients may experience hair loss or ease there hair become thin. It can also affect any other body part too. The doctor suggests wearing a special cap that can help the scalp to stay cool during the treatment. This cap can also prevent hair loss. Nails of the patient may even become brittle and flaky. The skin may also become dry and sore.


Fatigue is one more side effect of Chemotherapy, and to reduce it, patients should take proper rest and also avoid tasks that are overtiring.

Hearing impairment

In many cases, patients may also experience ringing in ears, temporary hearing loss, or else balance problems. 

Chemo is an invasive treatment of cancer which has severe side effects during the treatment and after the treatment. The reason behind this is the treatment target of both cancer cells as well as healthy cells of the patient body. In many cancer cases, if the patient gets early chemotherapy treatment, it can achieve a complete cure.

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