Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy is a surgical process that is performed with the help of a tiny camera known as Arthroscopy to examine and rep[air the tissues inside or around the shoulder joint. This surgery is done to treat rotator cuff tears. It is a process to determine and visualize, diagnose, and treat several problems inside the shoulder joints and also in the space surrounding the rotator cuff. This surgery is performed through small incisions that allow the insertion of specialized instruments. It is a pencil-sized tool that has magnifying lenses along with the light. 

When is Shoulder Arthroscopy needed and its benefits?

 This surgery is required to treat many common shoulder problems counting arthritis, impingement, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, labral tears, as well as shoulder instability. It is performed in an outpatient surgery setting.  Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery has many benefits compared to older open surgical methods . Some are listed below for you:

  • Improved motions
  • No overnight stay
  • Minimal scars
  • Quicker functional recovery
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  •  Less risks and complications

However, risks and complications from this type of surgery are some of them include infection, bleeding, blood clots, vessel injury, and persistent pain. 

Preparing for Shoulder Arthroscopy

 Shoulder Arthroscopy is a method used to treat shoulder pain and is a type of keyhole surgery done through small cuts in your skin. The doctor will recommend a Shoulder Arthroscopy if you damage from an injury or arthritis. He/she will explain in detail how to prepare for this surgery. It is generally a day case method in a hospital, and you can go home on the same day. Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India is about USD 3,500. It is performed within an hour; however, the length of the procedure depends upon how much work your doctor requires to do in your joint. 

Top Doctors For Shoulder Arthroscopy Treatment in India

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal having 33 years of experience

Dr. IPS Oberoi having 25 years of experience

Dr. Rakesh Mahajan 18 years of experience

Dr. Pradeep Sharma has 40 years of experience

When do you need Shoulder Arthroscopy Treatment

Shoulder pain is considered the worst pain, and to treat it, your doctor will determine the root cause of it. The time you are diagnosed doctor properly will determine the best treatment for you. 

Symptoms of shoulder pain

There are many causes and symptoms of shoulder pain, and all vary as per the timing and location of the pain. Some are listed below:

Outside of shoulder

Pain that is outside the shoulder extends to arm and is a deep muscle ache. The common causes of this pain are tendonitis, rotator cuff problems, rotator cuff tear, and bursitis. 

Front of shoulder 

It is because of biceps tendons which are attached deep inside the shoulder . some common causes are SLAP tears, biceps tears, and tendonitis.

Top of shoulder

The main cause of top of shoulder pain is an abnormal AC joint. There are many problems related to its counting distal clavicle osteolysis, shoulder separations, and AC arthritis.

Constant pain

Generally, frozen shoulder causes continuous pain, and the pain increases when reach behind your head or back. 

Night pain

The leading cause of night pain is rotator cuff problems; however, the cause is unclear. Mainly rotator cuff tear or tendonitis make patients awakened from sleep and make it difficult for them to sleep. 

Shoulder surgery

The shoulder is considered as the most flexible joints that allow people to rotate your arm in several positions. This flexibility is movement also makes shoulders more prone to injury and instability. Before surgery, there are many other treatment options recommended by the doctor. In many cases, delay in surgery can also lead to an increment in the problem.

Types of surgcal procedures

There are many surgical procedures that you should understand


It is the surgical process in which the surgeon will insert a pencil-thin device having a small lens as well as a lighting system. Also, other surgical instruments are inserted to repair the problems.

Open surgery 

Open surgery is also done to treat shoulder problems. Doctors recommend this surgery for better results in comparison to Arthroscopy. 

Some pain and tenderness can be experienced by patients with undergone both types of surgical procedures. You should prepare yourself before for some signs and symptoms after the surgery, so you should not panic at all.

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