smoking around cat

After you have become a pet owner once you buy cats online or from a store, it is now time to bring some changes in your lifestyle. One of them is smoking habit. While being around a pet, especially a cat, it is necessary that you are aware of how it affects them.

When I got my fluffy pet while searching for a Persian cats for sale, the only thing that makes me scratch my head was how my smoking habit affects my cute ball of joy. I thought of many ways and ideas and enlisted how that is harmful to my pet.

It is an undeniable fact of how harmful smoking is to human health. But more than humans, it is the animals that are affected the most just by the smoke of a cigarette. A recent study puts pets such as dogs, cats, pigs, or birds at risk of being adversely affected by second-hand smoking.

But if you own a cat, you just really need to be aware of the ways that smoking can affect cat health. Here is a complete list of questions and facts that you may find useful if you love your fluffy friend.

How your smoking affects them?

Usually, cats love to cuddle in your laps or snuggle with you, so they breathe what you do. Also, they spend more of their life indoors laying on the carpets or lounging on your mattresses. The carpets and mattresses usually have smoke particles when not dusted frequently. Those particles easily get caught with their furs. While grooming, your cat might ingest them that might enter their bodies and affect their lungs.

Other than the particles, the smell of the cigarette smoke is very unpleasant to the cats because their smell senses are more powerful than humans.

Possible dangers of smoking to cats

Your fluffy partner might be at risk of blood cancer lymphoma or mouth cancer other than

bronchitis and asthma. Also, the cats tend to ingest some these tobacco particles while they

Groom themselves. These toxic particles might bring your pet at high health risk and cause bad cat health.

Protection for cats if you are a smoker

The simple solution would be to quit smoking immediately. But if that seems to be impossible for you, then you are suggested to smoke your bud outdoors, especially when you are not around you cat. Having a cigarette outside the house prevents the smoke particles from being ingested by your pet.

But, this might not be the complete solution as your clothes might smell like smoke. You need to think about installing a better ventilation system in your house and carry out the regular vacuum cleaning process.

Are electric cigarettes the solution?

There are no researches done for E-cigarettes around cats. But as far as the general

facts go, there is no such harm caused to cats from these smoking types of equipment. Your pet might ingest the liquid or the flavor electronic vapes or cigarettes have. So, you need to be careful while storing them in the house. Also, if you are unable to sacrifice your smoking habit, then electronic cigarettes are a great alternative.

Now when you have selected your perfect fluffy friend while hunting to buy cats online, the

next step involves controlling your smoking routines and adjusting a bit just for the excellent health of your pet. The above-listed questions tell you how smoking affects your dear friend and what all risks they might face if you did not control your practice of hitting the bud. From serious health problems to the bad odor that your pet might hate, cigarettes may lessen the affection you two have.

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