Sipping Wine Before a Smoke can give you a Longer Life!

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Health advisories have always been ranting on about how smoking will eventually kill you. But hey, aren’t you going to die anyway? But let’s keep the philosophy aside for a while and focus on facts. A recent study establishes that dousing your throats with a gulp of wine with smoke can reduce the risks of tar. It diminishes the ill effects of other carcinogens that are otherwise present in the cigarette.

The French know how to indulge(wink). The average life expectancy of French women is about 85.6 years. Men live to about 79 years. And they keep drinking and smoking galore.

See, having fun and doing what makes you feel good doesn’t have to kill you. Even non-smokers die of cancer and non-drinkers of liver failure. It is high time that people stop putting all the blame on these two happy addictions. One has to now move on to other major health issues like obesity and diabetes.

wine with smoke

Drawing a line

Don’t misunderstand this blog. It doesn’t tell you to drink till you are passing out on the streets. It doesn’t advocate that you smoke till your entire body smells like an ashtray. The objective is to understand that indulgence is exactly what the word suggests. An addiction doesn’t mean one needs 0 cigarettes a day. It might mean that a person needs 4 cigarettes every day to calm him or her down and make him or her more productive.

Smokers and drinkers should take an informed decision about what they want to smoke and drink and how much of it do they want to do. Likewise, other judgmental people have to draw a line at correcting the behavior of the hopeless people and not extend their good natured-ness (not) over the people who are just enjoying their occasional smokes and wines.

Wine with Smoke

A study was conducted to find out the effects of wine in the body. The study indicates that the release of micro-particles from artery walls, platelets and white blood cells can be prevented by drinking wine. These symptoms usually show the harm caused by smoking. The wine has been referred to as a super drink in saying that it has anti-aging properties owing to the decrease in the production of telomerase, which is an enzyme that causes aging.

Now, the production of this enzyme shoots up drastically with regular smoking. So having that swig of wine before you take a drag might help greatly. An experiment was conducted where the subjects were divided into two groups. One got wine before their cigarette and the other group didn’t. The group that had the wine experienced only a 20% activity of telomerase. The non-drinking group experienced it at a 56%. Consuming wine before smoking reduced the vascular damage in the body.

So, now you know, right! Don’t just smoke! Drink up first and then pull a drag. And if you find yourself too high already, use an on demand alcohol delivery app to home deliver your favorite wine to your homes!

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