10 Reasons Aside Look Why Invisalign Should Be Your Preferred Option


Over the years, marketers have made Invisalign clear aligners look like it’s an option for only people who care excessively about their appearance. People want to straighten their teeth without worrying about a metal-mouth and eat whatever they want while the teeth straightening process is still ongoing.

Considering the great achievements, Invisalign clear braces in London has made in orthodontics; these assumptions are not entirely true. Invisalign clear aligners have ten other fantastic reasons why you should consider it as an option for teeth straightening.

Outlined below are just but a few to mention.

A Good Bite

The main aim of braces in orthodontics is to correct bite problems, reduce teeth and gum pain, and improve general health. It is when the above has been achieved that you get a beautiful smile and good self-esteem as most dentists emphasize on. 

This is what Invisalign clear aligners were made for, and they have produced so many positive results. Some orthodontists care about the superficial importance of the braces and sell out this same idea to patients. 

More efficient mastication to ease digestion.

The first process of digestion occurs in the mouth. It is important that the food is properly masticated, this ensures proper absorption of all the nutrients in the food. A bad bite can affect mastication and the entire digestion process. It can also deprive you of getting all the necessary nutrients from food.

Treatment of jaw, facial and neck pain.

Wearing Invisalign clear aligners can alleviate jaw, facial, and neck pain. It provides a better bite that helps a patient who has sore facial muscles and those who grind their teeth. The use of Invisalign braces can reduce symptoms of TMD and fix the muscles involved in grinding the teeth.

Positioning the lower jaw to align with the upper jaw.

A Misaligned upper and lower jaw can lead to pain in the joint, painful chewing, clicking and popping of the jaw, TMD or TMJ. We can relate the jaw to a door with two hinges; the hinges are at each ear, the teeth represent the door jam and the strike plate. 

Typically, the door hits the door jam and strike plate at the same time, and the door opens easily without friction or sticking. A door that doesn’t close properly or requires force to open will pull out the screws from the hinge plate and will be unable to close.

Increasing the self-maintenance mode of the teeth 

The bones are affected when the teeth are crooked. It is impossible to have good gum and tooth health when the bone structure is affected. Invisalign clear aligners correct crooked teeth, thereby improving the architecture of the bone in the mouth. 

Ease brushing, flossing, and, reduce food impaction on misaligned teeth.

Food particles can easily get stuck between teeth that are not tightly fitted. This can harm the gum and teeth by allowing the infestation and growth of bacteria over time. Bacteria growth in the mouth can cause recession of the gum and severe pain in the mouth. 

Invisalign clear aligners can correct misaligned teeth, reducing food impaction, hence, makes brushing and flossing more effective when cleaning the teeth

Faster and more efficient dental cleaning with the dentist.

Properly aligned teeth are easier to floss and clean when you visit your dentist. Self-maintenance and self-cleaning is achievable. The time spent during a maintenance appointment is also shorter. 

For crooked and misaligned teeth, the dentist will have to spend long hours to clean the teeth; the cleaning instrument may not be very effective to remove all the bacteria from some areas in the mouth.

Invisalign clear aligners can be used as a protective gear for a lifetime.

They can be used to prevent the teeth from grinding during sports activities and at night. You can also use Invisalign clear braces to help whiten your teeth.

Better speech and pronunciation.

The position of the teeth greatly affects the way words are pronounced. An open bite or long front teeth may lead to lisping, difficulty in pronouncing certain words or whistling during a speech. Invisalign clear aligners can correct the above conditions.


Lastly, Invisalign clear braces are aesthetic; they provide a subtle way to correct most teeth defects without worrying about your look.

Invisalign clear aligners offer much more than just a less obvious way to straighten the teeth. You can call us on 020 71830527 or send an email to info@dentalclinic.london to get more information on the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners

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