The best contact lenses for Halloween

halloween contact lenses

When Halloween is around the corner and you know there are parties to attend to, you must have something in mind for you Halloween costume. And the best way to look better than the rest in Halloween party is to upgrade your Halloween costume with Xtreme Halloween contact lenses. This type of coloured contacts are also known as crazy contacts because, well, are a bit crazy and makes you look crazy good. 

What Crazy Contacts Can Do for You

When you talk about Halloween parties, the biggest advantage of coloured and special effect contact lenses is that they really make your costume something special. They add that realness in your zombie, vampire and werewolf costume. To don a really haunted costume you need the “eyes” to make an impact and Halloween contacts allow you to do just that.

If is a Halloween costume competition then crazy contact lenses will put you in contention of winning the big prize. They will really put you in the spotlight. 

Quick Facts

But before you get all that excited for your special effect Xtreme Halloween contact lenses  there are certain facts and guidelines that you need to understand:

  • Just like regular colored contacts, crazy contact lenses are available in both plano and prescription contact lenses. This means you can have them for both vision correction or just for a few hours party.
  • Any type of contact lens, whether crazy or regular contact lens, is regarded as medical device and will require a prescription so you can wear them legally.
  • There are two types of Halloween contact lenses, the one which only covers the pupil and the one which covers your whole eye (sclera). Sclera contacts provide for a more haunted look.
  • You have to take care of your Halloween contact lens like any regular contacts. They must be properly stored and disinfected by the solution which came with it.
  • No contact lens of any type, whatsoever, should be shared with anyone, it doesn’t matter if it is your family or friends. Your lenses are yours like your underwear.
  • You can also make your eye look enlarged like anime characters by getting circle contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses must be worn for a max 8 hours straight and must be taken off before sleep. Every type of contact has its expiration date, you must read the instruction on the packaging.

Top Choices

When it comes to contact lenses there are a variety of options available for you to choose from and with so many options on the table then it can become quite overwhelming. That is why we have chosen some of the top choices for Halloween contact lenses:

1. GEO Cosplay – originally designed for cosplay but they can also come quite handy for Halloween costumes. You have a number of colours and designs available in this type to choose from with the most popular being black-out, and white out, obviously. The black-out and white out lenses are absolutely amazing if you’re attending the party as a vampire, a zombie, a ghost, or a ghoul. 

2. GEO Pearl White – Those who worn these lenses applaud it for being the perfect choice for a vampire costume. They also work fine with a zombie costume, and if the party has some black light then these lenses glow in the dark and will provide an alien look. Too creepy for anyone to handle.

3. Cat Eye – These lenses have been a favourite for females as they give a great look for anyone wanting to don the cat woman costume or any other female horror character. These contact lenses come in a variety of colours and that is why you can use them for different costumes such as a witch or a possessed girl like the exorcist one. Changing colours of cat eye contact lenses can help you practically wear any Halloween costume.

4. Fireball – This is maybe the most versatile design you can ever think of when it comes to Halloween contact lenses. They work fine on literally any Halloween costume. If you are into demonic stuff and would like to don a devil costume then they are truly amazing for that look. These contacts can literally evolve any costume to make you look frightening and creepy at the same time.

These are just some of the top options you can look for when you shop for Halloween contact lenses for your Halloween costume. There are other designs like reptile or neon contact lenses for you Halloween costume inspirations. In the end there are a pair of contacts made just for your costume this Halloween.

Be sure to get your eyes inspected by your eye doctor before purchasing your contacts and follow everything he/she suggests and recommends. Make sure you are purchasing your lens from licensed dealers only and avoid anyone who doesn’t asks for your prescription. Also never share you contacts with anyone and avoid wearing your contacts when you go to bed and remove them immediately if you experience discomfort, itchiness, or pain.

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