testosterone level

The testosterone is a steroid hormone that in the case of men, is responsible for producing the testicles. Testosterone levels in men it is essential to enjoy good health as it helps maintain strength and muscles, stimulates sperm production, sexual desire and prevents osteoporosis. In addition, it is responsible for defining some of the traits associated with men such as voice severity, facial hair and sexual ability. There are more ways to maintain a normal testosterone levels of Testosterone.

Problems associated with low testosterone levels

In recent decades and according to several studies, a decrease in testosterone levels is being detected generation after generation. The lack of testosterone levels in men is known as hypogonadism and manifests itself with both physical and psychological health problems such as: depression, loss of muscle mass, bone weakness or osteoporosis, lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

Why are testosterone levels decreasing?

The decrease in testosterone levels is due to a sum of factors that is present in modern life, including the change that our diet has experienced with a greater presence of processed foods. Stress, lack of physical activity and excessive sedentary lifestyle. Also, some chemical substances present in the environment, hygiene products or medications, which directly influence our body and compromise hormonal balance.


How can I maintain a good testosterone level?

If you want to increase testosterone levels without resorting to hormonal supplements, you can do so by introducing the following healthy habits into your life .


Try to be healthy, natural and balanced. You should include minerals such as zinc that you will find in foods such as oysters, clams, liver, beef, cheese, oat flakes and pumpkin seeds. It is also very interesting that you introduce magnesium and vitamin D. Do not forget to take some healthy fat present in avocado, nuts or fatty fish. Although diets with 0 fats are very popular, you should know that the body produces testosterone from cholesterol.

Physical activity

Staying active and exercising moderately helps us increase our muscle mass and reduce fat levels. Did you know that adipose tissue converts testosterone into estrogen? Get down to work and don’t have michelines accumulate!

Restful sleep

You should try to rest between 7 and 8 hours a day. There are studies that show that lack of sleep can reduce testosterone levels up to 15%.


stress is the cause of many diseases. When we are dealing with stressful situations, our body produces cortisol. If cortisol levels remain high for a prolonged period, they can be harmful to the body and decrease the level of testosterone.

Eliminate alcohol and tobacco

As you know they are harmful substances that cause the body to have to do extra work to eliminate them from the body.

If you feel tired, apathetic, you have no sexual appetite and notes that you lack vitality, your testosterone levels may not be optimal. Call us and the team of specialists from the Vithas Medimar International Hospital for Men’s Health Center will study your case in detail to propose the best solution.

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