10 Ways Smoking Marijuana can Retain your Health

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Smoking marijuana is becoming increasingly debated subject and the debate is set to continue for some time, at least until some solid findings can come from research and studies.

Recently, findings from a study were released in the Journal of American Medicine. The research was conducted by the Journal of American Medicine. Now, while the findings do not conclude that smoking cannabis is directly associated with risked lung health or overall health for that matter, the findings do not present conclusive findings for marijuana being a retainer for health either. There have been, however, some interesting findings on the subject.

Smoking cannabis does not appear to be as bad for your lung health as one might expect. Yes, smoking of anything can be detrimental for the lungs but some results show that marijuana smokers had an improvement in the function of lungs. The researchers who published their findings in the JAMA wrote that large inhalations of marijuana joints could potentially ‘train’ lungs to work better and more efficiently.

The results of the effect smoking marijuana have on the lungs could be far more positive than what most people would expect. The research done so far has not proven marijuana is associated with problems in the lungs. The results could even, perhaps, suggest the opposite. While tobacco has proved to have significantly detrimental effects on lung health, cannabis continues to show positive results.

The research results showed that those individuals who used marijuana more often had a greater lung volume than usual. The capacity was marginally larger, however, the increase was still present.

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Ten points that show how smoking marijuana can be beneficial for our health.

1. Glaucoma

What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eyes and causes a sensation of pressure on the actual eyeball. This pressure begins to cause significant damage to the optic nerves which then ceyeball sufferer to become blind. The National Eye Institute has released statements saying the cannabis can be used to reduce the intraocular pressure on the eye ball, putting an end to glaucoma. Marijuana has various anti inflammatory properties and treating glaucoma is just one of the positive outcomes of smoking marijuana.

2. Reverse the Effects of Tobacco

The American Medical Association found that marijuana can actually reduce the carcinogenic effect that smoking tobacco has on the lungs.

3. Epilepsy Control

The Virginia Commonwealth University performed a study 2003 in an attempt to understand how marijuana interacts with the brain. The results showed that marijuana could be a possible help in controlling epileptic seizures. Most importantly, the results indicated that THC (an active cannabinoid within marijuana) connects with specific receptors within the brain and assist in stabilization. While reports are mainly anecdotal, there have been numerous open-source studies finding that marijuana has potential to assist in stopping epileptic episodes.

4. Potential Cancer Inhibitor

The California Pacific Medical Center has released study findings revealing cannabis be beneficial by stopping cancer cells from spreading. This is done by ‘turning off’ the gene called Id-1. Cancer cells survive because of this very gene that enables them to divide and multiply throughout the body. It is a complex process however in short the results suggest that cannabis could potentially stop the spreading of the cancer cells by inhibiting or ‘turning off’ the Id-1 gene.

5. Ease Anxiety

Anecdotal reports state that cannabis reduces nervousness and suppress the sensation of pain. Those undergoing chemotherapy and are using, or have used, marijuana say that it helps to ease the nausea as well. Certain strains of cannabis act as a sedative and relaxant.

6. Multiple Sclerosis Pain Reduction

Various research suggests that multiple sclerosis sufferers are able to manage their symptoms with the use of marijuana. Sufferers who did not show improvements after other medications reported to have reduced pain after one week of smoking cannabis. There is a cannabinoid present in marijuana that is responsible for blocking certain receptors, inhibiting the body’s ability to feel pain. Anecdotal reports show that by smoking cannabis, it reduce muscle spasms.

7. Relief for IBS Syndrome

Inflammatory diseases of the bowels can consist of a few different afflictions including Crohn’s disease and diseases associated with ulcers. These diseases can be dangerous and even fatal. The THC cannabinoid within marijuana communicates with certain receptors within the body and THC enables the body to reach homeostasis once again. In diseases such as these the intestines are compromised and bacteria can enter the intestines easier, causing severe infections.

The THC that is ingested from smoking marijuana can be of great assistance in helping the cells of the intestines to be the barrier that the bowels need in order to prevent bacteria from entering and causing infection.

8. Reduce Parkinson Tremors

Reports from Parkinson patients have shown that smoking cannabis, or any other form of ingestion, assists sufferers in relieving the tremors associated with this disease. In a domino effect, the sleep of such patients thus improved.

9. Chemotherapy Side Effects Reduced

Chemotherapy has a variety of side effects. There are many people to have said that marijuana was a relief for symptoms including pain, nausea and a decreased appetite.

10. Help for those with PTSD

Marijuana is famous for its sedating and tranquilizing effects. People suffering from anxiety and nervousness have found relief through using marijuana, and the plant has proved to be especially helpful for those suffering with PTSD. PTSD is a disorder that is misunderstood and until more recently was not altogether widely accepted as a disorder. Symptoms include a variety of anxiety related problems, from nightmares to triggers in everyday situations. Cannabis has used to ease the these symptoms.

As marijuana undergoes more studies, the positive properties of the plant will become common knowledge and people will be enable to use cannabis in ways that can benefit their overall well-being.

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