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In the face of impending flavor bans and strict regulations, 180 Smoke has created an insightful infographic that helps give insight into the habits, demographics, and flavor preferences of Canadian vapers. The purpose of the infographic is to dispel any misinformation that currently surrounds the media discourse and to serve as a tool for vapers to better educate themselves to handle any false accusations. 

To create the infographic, 180 Smoke examined data collected from customer purchases, as well as via a survey conducted both in-store and online. This data was then compiled, with a particular focus being placed on representing the e-liquid preferences of vapers and their reasons for vaping.  

In light of recent media attention, many anti-vaping advocates have called for a wide flavor ban, that would seek to eliminate fruit, dessert, and candy flavors from the market. These advocates fear that these flavors are directly created to entice youth and are not made with adult vapers in mind. However, according to 180 Smoke’s research, 87% of adult vapers prefer candy, dessert, and fruit-based flavors, while only 13% use tobacco or flavorless options. This statistic stands in contrast to what anti-vaping advocates claim and shows that adult vapers will gravitate towards palatable flavors that have widespread appeal. 

With the exception of the Yukon, the most popular flavors on the market are fruit-based, with tobacco being one of the least desirable options among Canadian vapers. This data only further supports the argument that restricting access to certain flavors would detrimentally affect a large portion of legal adult vapers, many of whom rely on various flavors as an alternative nicotine delivery method. 

Interestingly, 180 Smoke also found that our 19-24 age group only accounted for 6.5% of our total customer base, whereas the 35-39 and 50+ crowd made up a larger portion of 180 Smoke customers. This information clearly indicates that the average Canadian vaper may be older than originally assumed. It should also be noted that much of this data did come from online shoppers, which generally skews younger. 

When surveyed on their reason for vaping, 65% of respondents claimed health as their primary reason for vaping. 31% claimed financial, while only 4% indicated their reasoning as social. Some studies have indicated vaping to be a less harmful alternative to smoking, which accounts for the higher percentage of adults that have chosen to make the switch due to health reasons. 

In recent weeks, provinces across Canada have begun to propose, and in some cases, enact regulations that are greatly affecting vapers. British Columbia was the first to enact new provincial vaping regulations, which would limit the nicotine strength of e-liquids, and would restrict the sale of certain flavors in traditional retail channels. B.C’s regulations also introduce an increased sales tax, raising the tax from 7% to 20% on all vaping products. This increased sales tax is particularly concerning to Canadian vapers, who already pay more than U.S vapers. 

Following in B.C’s footsteps, P.E.I proposed its own set of regulations, which recently passed its third reading and is set to become law. This new legislation would raise the legal age to purchase tobacco and e-cigarettes from 19 to 21, while also restricting certain e-liquid flavors from being sold in the province. 

With British Columbia, P.E.I, and various U.S states proposing flavor bans, there is a definite concern that a black market could appear to satisfy the needs of adult vapers. Based on the recent EVALI outbreak, the fear that a black market is very real and if it were allowed to flourish it could lead to more instances of illness. 

About 180 Smoke 

Established in 2012, 180 Smoke has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s leading vape retailers, serving thousands of customers across the country. To date, 180 Smoke has over 30 retail locations across Ontario and Alberta, while also maintaining a strong eCommerce presence. 

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