Do’s And Don’ts For Flying With Cigars?

Flying With Cigars

Smoking a cigar is all about flavor and experience. It is an expensive treat that carries a higher class. A cigar is different from a cigarette. Smoking a cigar is a time honored ritual. Layers of excellent quality tobacco wrapped in Volado leaf deliver unrivaled flavors and relaxing experience. Unlike a cigarette, which is tobacco wrapped in a paper, a cigar is entirely made of tobacco. So, you are smoking pure tobacco. Depending on the quality and size of the cigar, you can smoke it for 30-60 minutes without inhaling smoke. Traditionally, smoking cigars do not involve inhaling. You are not taking smoke into your lungs. You are savoring the taste of the cigar in your mouth.      

Manufacturers make cigars in a variety of sizes to offer differing smoking durations. Depending on where you are living or traveling, you can get a great variety of flavors to enjoy. Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and there are several other places known for producing the finest quality tobacco for cigars.

When you are traveling to one of these places, you are going to smoke some of the most satisfying cigars. What if you are traveling to a country where you cannot buy your favorite cigars? If you are a cigar enthusiast heading out for a business trip or a vacation, it is difficult to give your cigars a miss.

You buy Ashton cigars online and now you want to fly with them. However, you have to be careful while doing so and consider the pitfalls and traps involved. You don’t want to violate the rules imposed by the government, airline or both. And, we all hate precious cigars getting damaged.

Flying is safer these days. There is a slew of regulations in place. However, these regulations can make your experience challenging and confusing. Cigar aficionados love traveling with their cigars and accessories. So, check with the airline you are planning to book and the country you are planning to visit. Learn about the rules related to the transport of cigars, smoking accessories and other tobacco products.

How To Protect Your Cigars? 

Whether you are keeping cigars in checked luggage or in carry-on, you want your cigars in the best shape on reaching your destination. You can provide more protection to your cigars if you keep your stash in your carry-on luggage. However, you have to be prepared to face problems with airport security. This is the reason why some people find keeping cigars in checked baggage the safest option. However, you do not know how the airport staff is going to handle your luggage. They can just throw around your luggage without caring much about the stuff you have packed.     

However, you can easily avoid this damage by keeping your cigars in a sturdy humidor. Choose a humidor that can take all the abuse at the airport. The pressurized air can impact the freshness of cigars. So, make sure that the humidor can maintain humidity around the cigars.          


The following are the items you are allowed to bring on your flight:


You can carry your cigars while traveling by air. However, this is not true in the case of Cuban-made cigars. Cuban cigars are prohibited in the United States. Expect the airport authority to question if you are bringing Cuban cigars into the US. So, you have to be aware of the regulations and laws.


As long as you are complying with the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration, you can bring some cigar lighters. However, when you are flying to some other country, you should check with the rules and regulations to know if the lighter is allowed or not. Most torch lighters are not allowed.

Cigar Cutters

In most cases, you are allowed to carry cigar cutters during a flight. However, you cannot carry scissors having blades longer than 4”. So, if you are carrying a scissor-type cigar cutter, check the length of the blade. A V-cutter or punch cutter does not fall into the category of sharp objects. So, go for these safe bets.


Torch Lighters

You cannot bring torch lighters on airplanes. Do not try to sneak into a torch lighter. Regulations are very strict and they will take it away.

Humidification Solution

You are not allowed to carry any bottle of liquid in carry-on luggage. So, keep your humidification solutions at home.

Stick Matches

Technically, you can bring one book of paper matches. However, you will alert the officials for a more thorough search. Instead of carrying matches, buying them on reaching your destination is the best solution. You cannot smoke a cigar during a flight.

You are carrying tobacco products, cutters and lighters with you. Don’t do this without being aware of the rules and regulations of the airline and the country. Avoid obstacles that can be avoided. If you can buy Ashton cigars online at your destination, don’t pack them.

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