Get The License To Cultivate Cannabis In Your Backyard !

cultivate cannabis

What exactly is cannabis?

“It’s a plant!”

Nope! It’s a miracle plant. While all forms of greenery exhale the vital oxygen, cannabis has
more in stock— MAGIC!

What if I tell you that you can bring the magic home?


Well, the good news is that you grow cannabis in your own backyard. All you need is a medical
marijuana card in San Jose CA. And, having an MMJ card makes you eligible to have a grower

So, if you’re someone who is really looking to pounce on the opportunity to grow your own
cannabis, keep reading!

First things first! Before you start seeing those blooming buds, it’s necessary to get an MMJ
card. Wondering how to get it? Let’s dive in!

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

With the advent of telemedicine, the entire process has become streamlined. Kickstart the process by finding a certified cannabis clinic and follow the steps mentioned below?

1) Apply online at the clinic’s website by filling your details. This might include your medical history, age, address, and reasons for which you’re seeking the card,

2) The clinic will link you to a certified cannabis doctor who will interact with you via video call and learn about your concerns. He will evaluate your health condition and decide if you need cannabis to enhance your health.

3) If you have the qualifying symptoms, your MMJ card is delivered to you via email or normal mail.

I am sure by now you’re thinking that it’s pretty simple. In fact, it is!

Next stop is—Grower’s License!

Medical Marijuana Card

Getting A Grower’s Recommendation

Before you jump into the details of the license, it’s vital to know the quantity you can already
possess and grow.

1) With a medical marijuana card in San Jose CA, you can grow up to 6 mature or 12 immature plants.

2) If you’re an adult over 21 you can possess 28.5 grams of medical marijuana or 8 grams of concentrate.

A grower’s license is not exactly like a commercial license. It’s much different. It simply means a statement from your doctor that you need more cannabis for personal use than your state certified limits. So, it equips you with the authority to expand the limit but only for personal use.

This is very important!

The grower’s license is not a license to sell. It’s just a recommendation which serves as proof that you need more than the state established needs. Stay prepared to get arrested if you try to sell those swanky buds!

If you’re aiming to get a grower’s license, the medicine has made this process very simple:

  • As an MMJ card holder, you just need to fill an online application requesting the authority to have a grower’s license.
  • You will be linked to a certified expert who will evaluate if you need increased quantities of medical marijuana to enhance your health.
  • If you qualify, your grower’s license or recommendation is furnished almost instantly.

After getting a grower’s license there are some more facts you should consider keeping a note of:

  • The license is strictly for growing cannabis for medicinal use and possessing an MMJ card is necessary to apply for the same.
  • You can grow as many plants as you wish within an area of 100 square feet.
  • The area you choose to grow should be your full-time residence.

So, growing is pretty easy if you choose to work within legal boundaries. If you already have a medical marijuana card and planning to grow your own herb, there are substantial reasons you should consider it

Reasons To Grow Marijuana For Personal Use

Save Those Bucks

Smoking cannabis is definitely a thrilling ride but you cannot ignore the fact that those buds are pretty expensive. Growing your own plants can save you those hefty bucks and give you the freedom to grow more for less investment.

I’m sure you can’t ignore this handy deal!

Customize Your Buds

Growing your own herb also allows you to create the buds exactly the way you want them. Ideally, you can choose the strain of your choice and grow it in the desired pattern, trim it and cure it based on your preferences.

It Educates You About The Magic Of Cannabis

When you grow your own plants, you get closer to them. How? You invest your attention and time in nurturing those buddies. They are bound to shower you with love and bliss to keep you in a state of complete trance.

I’m sure you’re all related by the possibility to grow those beauties in your backyard. And, the best thing—it’s damn easy. Get a medical marijuana card in San Jose CA and earn the right to grow your stack at the comfort of your home.

It’s not rocket science! Cannabis is bliss. Just get it blooming in your garden!

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