Top Cigarette Ads from the Vintage Collection

cigarette Vintage ads

Cigarettes are sexy. There is this strange drama attached to it that makes it slightly more mysterious, slightly rawer and ever so subtly carefree. When you see someone smoke, you can tell that that person has a defiant streak alive in him in spite of everything else that his or her life’s role might be. A smoker, girl or boy, man or woman, is always a classy sight. But when the entire world is ranting about its side effects and health hazards, we need to give the people just a little more motivation to keep calm and smoke cigarette vintage ads.

Our predecessors knew how to etch a mark in the minds of the people. The industry mammoths of that time did it in style.

best cigarette vintage

Here’s a list of all the best cigarette vintage ads that attract people towards smoking!

Lucky Strikes:

This one is my absolute favorite! With a tagline that reads “So round, So firm, So fully packed”, Lucky Strikes is known to create adds loaded with innuendo that is up to the reader to use their imagination too. Their poster showed a very sparsely clad woman lying down and looking the other way towards a soldier.’s beautiful!


They sure knew how to capitalize on the concept of a cigarette being harmful to the people. They convinced the people Camels were the best way to smoke because “most” doctors preferred Camels over any other brand. What they were really saying is that if you don’t smoke, we don’t care, but if you do, you must have Camels only.


Since we are already on the subject of doctors, let’s add the dentist into the mix as well. So, now the Viceroy brand of cigarette vintage ads states that dentists claim that the filters used in the Viceroys are of a superior quality and therefore wouldn’t stain your teeth as badly as another cigarette would.

Spuds Imperials:

This is Epic. Spuds Imperial came up with an advertisement that stated that smoking the menthol Spuds Imperial actually made people feel better if they had a cold or a sore throat. Although I am all about smoking, I really don’t know where this is headed.

Lucky Strikes:

Lucky is back with a hilarious advertisement. This one reads ” For a Slender figure no one can deny, reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” I am a writer and I am out of words to describe how I feel about this!


If Lucky had 2 entries, could Camel stay behind? Camel’s fine ad work can be seen in a ubiquitous advertisement. Where it is urging the readers to smoke camels for “digestion’s sake”! It also gives accounts of real people who have said that they feel that their digestive strength is at its peak when they smoke quite a few camels.

Pall Mall:

I really can’t comment on what they thought they will achieve by introducing a backdrop of fresh vibrantly colored fruits that looked healthy behind the box of Pall Mall cigarette but it sure was popular. My initial thought was that maybe it was flavored in some way, but truth be told it wasn’t. I also tried t make some sense of it in the context of their tagline that said ” Wherever Particular people congregate”, but I failed miserably. Perhaps they just wanted to give a sense of false security without really saying anything. Quite sinister in my opinion, but the ads worked beautifully.

What cigarette vintage ads do

See, the thing about advertisements is that the creators have a certain objective in their mind that they wish to convey to the people. However, the question is who is their target audience? Are you targeting smokers and trying to convert them? Are you targeting new smokers and hoping to get their loyalty? My guess is new smokers are more gullible than veteran smokers. If you are a smoker you know what I am saying when I say that you become sort of loyal to the brand of smoke that you use. It becomes an extension of your own personality. You identify yourself with it and sort of imbibe its perceived qualities as your own.

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