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You’re probably familiar with CBD oil. However; besides CBD oil, there are several other “CBD” products. One of these is called CBD flower. What CBD flower is, how to use it and other common questions will be explained in this article!

What is ‘CBD’?

For people that are not familiar with ‘CBD’ in the first place, let’s start by looking at what CBD is. CBD is a compound of the cannabis plant. Next to CBD, there are over a 100 other compounds! These compounds are also called “cannabinoids”. Each cannabinoids has its own effect. CBD for example is known for its calming effects. Some other cannabinoids are THC, CBN, CBG and CBC. 

What CBD flower is

Alright, let’s take a look at what CBD flower is now. CBD flower is also known as ‘hemp’. CBD flowers are the buds that come straight from the hemp plant. They look exactly like regular weed buds. The big difference is that CBD flower contains very low levels of THC (below 0.3%) and very high levels of CBD (around 10-20%). For marihuana it is the other way around; high THC levels and low CBD levels. THC is the compound in cannabis that provides a ‘high’ effect. So; due to these low levels of THC in CBD flower, it won’t get you high in the same way weed does! Instead, CBD flower will give you a nice relaxed feeling. So, besides the several health benefits it has to offer, you could also use it to just chill with your friends!
Besides CBD and <0.3% THC, CBD flower also contains all the other cannabinoids (such as CBG and CBC) in small quantities. Besides these cannabinoids, CBD flower also contains “terpenes” and “flavonoids”.  All these compounds together provide the famous ‘entourage effect’ of CBD flower!

How you use CBD flower

CBD flower can be used in different ways: The first one is oral. You can use CBD flower for example to make edibles (such as brownies and capsules). For this method it is important to ‘decarb’ the flower. This will convert the hemp-compounds to its active form. The second method is by vaping it. You can do this by using a “dry herb” vaporizer. You put some CBD flower inside these kinds of vaporizers, heat them with a torch lighter, and inhale the cannabinoids. There are also electric dry herb vaporizers available; you don’t need a torch lighter for these. The third method to use CBD flower is by smoking it. This is done in the same way you smoke weed; Grind it, roll it in paper and light it. For both vaping and smoking, ‘decarbing’ isn’t needed, as the heat of vaping/smoking already decarbs the flower!

Is CBD flower legal?

Since CBD flower looks so much like weed, you might be wondering if it is legal. Yes, CBD flower is legal in all 50 states of the US, and in a lot of other countries is as well! This is because of the low levels of THC (<0.3%) as explained in the beginning of this article. Since CBD flower mainly consists of CBD and CBD itself is a legal compound, there’s nothing illegal about CBD flower! However; you still should be careful with CBD flower in public. Even though it is legal, it looks exactly like weed as described earlier. So; avoid unnecessary problems with people that don’t know what CBD flower is!   

Where to get CBD flower?

You can buy CBD flower is several ‘dispensary’s’. It is also available in a lot of webshops. To find a good CBD flower site, it’s important to look at reliable reviews online. There are a lot of CBD flower webshops, but not all of them offer high-quality CBD flower. So; always check reviews before ordering!

More CBD flower questions

If you got more questions about CBD flower, I highly recommend checking out this CBD Flower Beginners Guide! It covers a lot of common questions about CBD flower very detailed.

Other CBD products

If you’re not sure if CBD flower is something for you, don’t worry, because there are several other CBD products on the market. The most famous one is CBD oil. This is an oil which contains an extract of CBD flower! There are also CBD vape juice products, CBD gummies, CBD capsules and even CBD skin products! All these products contain extract from CBD flower. So, although every CBD product is different and has its own pros and cons, the base of them all is CBD flower! This means that CBD flower is most natural form of CBD.

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