Shy? Never mind! 8 tips for the first meeting

first meeting

1. The best tip for the first date: Just smile!

Especially in exciting situations it is difficult for shy people to smile. Do it anyway! You will see that your smile is reciprocated, it makes you looser – and the ice breaks. Even if you know nothing smart, or your tongue seems paralyzed. Remember the Flirt Tipp number 1: An embarrassed smile is a wonderful answer to many questions!

2. Disarm with honesty

In no case take courage before the first date! Better: confess at the beginning that you are more introverted – and therefore very excited. He or she can then decide how best to handle it. Do not worry: even less shy men and women are nervous when they get to know each other – and most find a certain amount of restraint more appealing than dull daredevil.

3. Find brilliant role models

Do you know what you have in common with Justin Timberlake, Robert de Niro, Julia Roberts and Mahatma Gandhi? Shyness! There are many famous people who have come a long way, although they used to be very shy. Note: restraint may be an obstacle, but not an insurmountable hurdle. It is possible to live with it – or even overcome it. For example, on the first date it is special day for you in this day you want to meet a stranger and talk to stranger but he is your future companion.

4. First Date, what to do? Play crazy!

Most shy people worry too much about what others COULD think about them. Train your self-esteem: Do (small) things you would not normally do. For example, wear a hat for a day – you’ll see how fast it is possible to get used to funny looks. Do something crazy every now and then. It helps to break down inhibitions and become more confident for the first date.

First Date

5. Open your mouth

Use opportunities to talk – instead of hiding: at the supermarket checkout, in meetings, in the stairwell. Even if you have nothing important to say, you train your ability to communicate in less fearful situations. Theater groups, rhetoric classes and debating clubs are also great playgrounds to reduce fear and become more confident.

6. Use body signals at the first appointment

It takes you the language? Take a deep breath, focus on the partner rather than on yourself. Turn to your counterpart: release your arms from the entanglement and lay them loosely on the table. Bend your legs over so that the crossed leg points to your partner. If you like what the other says, nod? Look him or her in the eye. Smile on the first date. All these are messages that arrive.

7. Let the frame speak

Are you afraid that the bite in your throat will get stuck when you visit the restaurant? Then, for the first meeting, you propose something in which you do something together – and that automatically and simply explains the topics of the date: visit an exhibition or a sporting event, venture into the climbing garden or go sailing; the profile of the person you are interested in gives concrete clues for common interests!

frame speak

8. Even on the first date: Nobody is perfect

Shy people are very afraid of rejecting their person. It is in the life but sometimes so that you can never be liked by all! Therefore, take the verdict of others – including that of your dating partner – important, but not too important. He should basically like them as you are, with your little quirks, so with your shyness! And should it actually fail – please be happy! Then it simply does not fit. For more detail visit our site free chat rooms. Thanks

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