Lowell Cafe Leads The Way on Sustainable Cannabis


Your friends just texted you about dinner plans. They always trust your opinion since you’re a huge foodie, and tonight you’re in the mood to try something new. You’re thinking about heading to Lowell Cafe.

A New Way of Delivering the Goods

Lowell Cafe is opening this month in West Hollywood, California. Lowell Cafe will occupy a beautiful rooftop space overlooking the West Hollywood skyline. Lowell Cafe is the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant in the United States. Many states in the US, including California, have recently legalized marijuana at the state level. 

The lounge, shop, and cafe will serve organic cannabis products. The restaurant has a lush interior dotted with potted plants. Flower Hosts will provide table side service and explain the potency and effects of each strain. 

There are three different areas of the business: the cafe, where people can order food; the lounge, where people can smoke, vape, and consume edibles; and the outdoor garden, where edibles, vaping, and smoking are permitted. The last call for cannabis is at 9:50 PM, but then people can consume their products until closing time at 2 AM. Guests are also allowed to bring their own cannabis after 10 PM.

Lowell has a social equity program. They consider nonviolent and recently pardoned cannabis offenders for employment.

Initial reservations for the Lowell Cafe grand opening on September 24 sold out within three hours. This is a clear indication that there is a demand for this type of restaurant. That demand is sure to only continue growing with time.

A Top Chef Brings the Heat

Executive chef Andrea Drummer has created a menu that will complement the glow of consuming organic cannabis. She competed on Netflix’s “Cooking on High” and was featured in the first issue of Kitchen Toke back in 2017. She is even close to getting funding for a bed-and-breakfast. 

Andrea Drummer is definitely a woman to watch as the market expands for delicious cannabis-inspired products. She will soon publish her second cookbook, which combines personal anecdotes with tasty recipes. She’s known for her Elevated Bolognese Sauce. Andrea Drummer usually combines organic cannabis flavors with other seasonings. 

Because of current cannabis legislation in the state of California, the cafe does not serve any infused dishes. Sample menus indicate a California gastropub feel. Think grilled peaches, fried chicken sandwiches, heirloom tomatoes, and crispy Brussels sprouts. For moments when you have the munchies, there’s a full confection of baked desserts. A menu of mocktails is guaranteed to provide their own gentle buzz.

Lowell Farms

Lowell Cafe is the baby of Lowell Farms. Lowell Farms grows high quality, natural and sustainable cannabis without pesticides. The Farms bring you legal, natural, California-grown organic cannabis. They have delivery and retail across the state of California.

Timeout LA calls Lowell Farms the most innovative cannabis farm in the state of California. Farmers are paid a living wage and love what they do. Lowell Farms has a goat head farmer as its mascot. Packages of cannabis oil, cylinder smokes, and flowers are packaged in beautiful natural materials.

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