4 Ways to Ensure that Your Bar and Marijuana Store Patrons are Over 21 years

Bar and Marijuana Store Patrons

Here are some essential guidelines that can help you prevent such sales from taking place.

Installing Signage at In Front of Your Establishment:

This is one of the easiest and the most inexpensive ways to curb underage drinking and smoking and also to ensure that you comply with the law. Posting signage inside and outside your business establishment will alert the patrons that they would have to provide proof of age before buying marijuana and alcohol.

As a matter of fact, all liquor stores and bars must put out signage alerting the patrons of the dangers of drinking while being pregnant, their tax certificate, and their liquor license. These signs must be posted in such a position that is visible for all to see. You can put it next to the bar counter, cash register, or above the bar. Along with these signs, you must also post a Proof of Age sign. For more information contact your State Liquor Control Commission

Install ID Verification Scanners:

A customer can use a different form of identification for purchasing age-restricted products and services. However, it depends on the business owner or manager to determine what form of identification will be accepted within your premises. Some of the acceptable forms of identification include a photo ID cards issued by the government, driver’s license, a valid Armed Forces identification card, US or foreign passport with the photo, or a US travel Visa.

However, knowledge of the law is winning only half the battle when it comes to ensuring that all of your patrons are above the legal age for buying age-restricted products and services. With the advent and constant changes in technology, production and access to fake ID cards have become very easy. Installing ID verification scanners is the only way to detect such fake IDs and also to determine the correct age of an individual. Make it a point to scan their driver’s license or any other form of identification before selling alcohol or marijuana. If you own a bar or pub, equip the bouncers at the entry point with a portable ID verification scanner to prevent minors from entering the premises. This will not only curb underage drinking but will also save your money by avoiding fines and penalties.

Fining Underage Patrons:

Now that you have installed ID verification scanners to determine the correct age of your patrons, the next step is to ensure that all the people visiting your establishment is checked for their correct age. If you are handing your bouncer the age verification scanner, train him/her to check each and every guest coming in. Similarly, check all those, who come to buy marijuana products from your shop. Additionally, if a person is caught showing a fake ID to gain entry in a bar or to buy marijuana, promptly levy a fine on that individual or hand him/her over to the law enforcement authorities. Levying heavy fines on patrons for possessing or displaying fake ID will discourage patrons from doing it in the future and thus this measure will help you to successfully curb underage drinking and smoking.

Protect Your Business Establishment:

Verification of age becomes all the more important when liquor is served at the spot, within the business premises, like in bars and pubs. Do not wait to check for ID verification until an individual comes to place an order at the bar counter. It can so happen that an adult can place a drink order instead of a minor. In this way, an underage individual can access the drinks without even approaching the bar counter. So, its best to check the cards with ID verification scanner at the entry point itself rather than at the counter.

Another strategy can be implemented if you have space. You can create a dedicated space just for alcoholic drinks to be served. Any individual wishing to enter that area of the room will have to get their IDs checked. This will not only create a private pubbing experience but will also make it easier for you to monitor who goes in and out of the room. Additionally, you can appoint bouncers to man the door during peak times to curb underage drinking.

In Conclusion:

Taking the above-mentioned precautions will not only allow you to continue to serve an age-restricted product to adults but will also help you to comply with the law. These measures will help you expand your profits and will also strengthen security.

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