How sex education is a cure for HIV?

sex education

Wherever a topic like HIV is broached, one goes back to the 1980s period when the virus was at its worst, causing many deaths, especially of young gay men. Today this virus is on the decline, thanks to sex education, and increased awareness in society about this infection. To tell the truth, the HIV virus is mainly transmitted as a result of sexual contact, and by not doing safe sex. Although a good part of HIV infected is men, women too are at an increased risk for HIV, due to the mix of unsafe sexual behavior and misbelief regarding how a person can get this infection.

In this Article post the topic is sex education, and its importance when it comes to curing and preventing HIV, especially in London Escorts.

To begin with, here are some statistic for your reference, so that you may get an idea what is HIV all about, in the present time.

HIV Prevalence Varies Through Regions

Typically, call girls including escorts working with London escorts agencies, are thirteen times more likely to catch the HIV virus than persons in the general population. Nonetheless, there is a huge variation from one region to another, and one country to the other. Internationally call girls to make up nine percent of the entire new HIV infections. Compared to other regions, in eastern and southern Africa, HIV pervasiveness among escorts is usually too high. In South Africa and Zimbabwe, for instance, over half of the call girls carry HIV infection. In a survey done in 2013, it was discovered that in these countries the HIV predominance was fifty times higher among the hookers than in the overall public in these countries.

While call girls are the ones that are highly prone to HIV, more than others, they are similarly inclined to respond well to HIV prevention programmes. The best examples are seen in countries like India, & Thailand, where a decrease in HIV predominance have been due to the initiatives targeting sex workers and their clients.

HIV Gender

HIV Prevalence In UK

The latest stats suggest there were 101,600 individuals living with HIV in the UK in 2017. Out of these seven thousand and eight hundred are undiagnosed; means, they don’t know they are HIV positive.

London is still having the highest rates of HIV in the country: thirty-six percent new cases found in 2017 were in London inhabitants and thirty-nine percent of individuals seen for HIV care were London residents. The borough that tops the list of most affected by HIV is Lambeth, with almost 15 persons per one thousand, living with diagnosed HIV. Any individual can catch HIV, however, persons from specific groups or regions are more prone to be affected. Specifically, men who engage in sexual relations with men and black African persons are excessively affected.

How Sex Education is Effective for Managing HIV?

In Europe, HIV frequency is low, especially among UK women employed by escort agencies in London. Like with other populations, nonetheless, the prevalence increases dramatically in individuals who use intravenous drugs. In European nations, where the call girls are registered and undergo screening for varied STDs, the new HIV positive individuals reported were IV drug users or had sexual partners who were.

In regions where the hookers used intravenous drugs, were 8 times more likely to be HIV positive as were persons who used non-intravenous drugs.

Similarly, in a country like the UK, where sex is a legal profession and regulated; and, where drug use is especially approached from a public health instead of criminal perspective, both a non-IV-drug-using female escort London, and her male client were found to have a very low prevalence of HIV.


Many who perform HIV prevention work with an escort in London find her to know a lot about the human side of sex, and also the practices that come with it. So, these women are best source of knowledge about safer sex practices. They have naturally become expert on prevention of HIV and other STIs. The escorts know the side effects of the spread of the disease, not just for their own lives and livelihoods, rather for their customers as well. To conclude, sex education especially in the the Escorts, has enabled in reducing prevalence of HIV virus in UK, and other parts of Europe.

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