Escort on Demand App made me an Entrepreneur from a Hooker

escort on demand app

Selling sex in exchange for money is seriously looked down upon, no matter how open minded your society is. However, if you truly look at sex given in exchange for anything else, you will realize that prostitution manifests its head in every section of the society. Whether it is at a job for promotions, or at a shop for being excused for shoplifting or even in the parliament to gain favor, sex is used everywhere. But the moment, you get money in exchange for it; you are labeled as a hooker. Now, with sex on demand apps available in the market, what are we going to call prostitution?

I began my journey as a high profile escort after a series of mishaps, but that is a story for another day. Initially, I felt guilty and dirty about what I did, but then I decided that if I am going to do this, I’ll be bloody good at it. I started looking at it from a business perspective and thereby started investing in myself. I only wanted to cater to the premium segment, and so, I had to make myself premium.

uber for hookers

Becoming self aware and Investing in the right Resources

The first step was taking stock of the situation. I identified all my strengths and weaknesses, my unique selling points and soft spots where I needed to work on. I bought nice clothes, better shoes and learned more about makeup and personal hygiene. And boy was there a change in the way my clients looked at me! I even rented a nicer apartment where the clients wouldn’t mind coming. On the whole, I realized that just like every other business if I wanted to succeed, I needed to make wise investments.

Price Competition

There’s hardly any doubt about the fact that there are way too many sex workers all over the world. Some are available for as cheap a price as $5 and others changing thousands of dollars. So, how did I set a price for myself? I did a lot of research. I compared others in the business with myself, what all I was offering, what lengths I was willing to go to etc. and then finally came up with a number. This number, needless to mention, couldn’t have been too steep, or else, people wouldn’t come to me. However, if I were to undervalue myself, how could I ever hope to cast myself as a premium sex worker?

Uber for Escort Services

When I stumbled upon something called the Uber for escort services, I could hardly contain myself! I did not know how I was going to use but I was sure, this was going to help my business go to an altogether different height. I found out that this app enabled me to move out from selling my body altogether while making money.

When I started off, I never thought it would be possible for me to ever get out of it. I thought my fate was sealed and I was going to be a whore forever. I would never be able to marry nor have children. But I was wrong. This female escort on demand app changed my life.

Is this an App for Prostitutes?

Yes, and infinitely more. This is an umbrella app: an Uber for Strippers, Uber for Hooker, Uber for exotic dancers, Uber for Adult Entertainment, etc. The beauty of this app was that once I owned it, sex workers could register themselves on it and use it as a platform for clients to book them. The fact that it has a login feature makes everything a lot safer for both parties. Now, every time a client makes a booking, I get a commission. I don’t have to be involved in anything else at all!

This app is so discreet and anonymous that anyone can use it to establish their own Escort on demand app. A housewife could do it, a primary school teacher could do and so could a janitor! The app owner doesn’t have any involvement in the whole position except for the platform that you are offering. Look at it as a telephone. You are the phone. Party A needs to speak to Party B and you are the instrument they are using for this communication!

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