The Future of Cannabis Retail is dependent on Technology?

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The latest news in the world of technology these days is that Cannabis Retail is becoming a thing of reality. While there has been a lot of speculation about how the world of marijuana can be tied into mainstream retail. Technology is offering new and unique solutions every single day. With the legalization of cannabis sale and usage of Marijuana in a recreational way in Canada. There is no limit to how this industry will boom in a very short period of time.

With more and more people now being able to buy marijuana. Sellers are depending on technology in a great way to make sure that it is theirs is the product that people are buying. According to Gwen Morrison, CEO, The Store WPP (the USA and Australia), “We are yet to become familiar with what a cannabis store should look like. Right now, the experience is inconsistent, as the category extends from the cold dispensary formats to lifestyle boutique.  In the future, some stores may look like bakeries; others may take on the look of fine jewelry. As the BBC recently speculated, ‘seedy head shops’ could be a thing of the past.”

Who is a Budtender?

Every industry comes up with its own unique language and words.  Budtender is the latest terms coined by this industry. It refers to the people who are “experts in the sales of Marijuana buds”. Quite the pun, as you see. According to industry mammoths, it is of incredible importance that your staff is well polished, respectable and very well educated.

Regardless of how far we have come, there is always a stigma attached to the marijuana business. This is why if you put amateurs at the counter, people will look down upon it. The basic objective now for a product like cannabis is not to make it popular or to coax people to buy it. The objective is to now make it come across as a unique, special and respectable item.

Using mobile apps for cannabis sale

Since now cannabis sale isn’t an illegal activity, people will try to find new and unique ways to ensure that they can sell marijuana, straight to the people. An online shopping experience will go a long way too in order to ensure that people won’t even have to step out to buy their “stuff”.

People will literally have to lift a finger to get what they want to be delivered right to their doorstep. While initially, people would definitely choose to explore what a retail shop of cannabis would look like. The initial frenzy will soon wear out to make way for comfort.

For companies that will enter the market with the right kind of mobile app right from the beginning is the one that is sure to succeed in the future. This is because the initial frenzy settles; people will look for other options to get their choicest stuff. Now, for this too, they would require a reliable name and a recognizable brand to ensure that they are buying from a “credible source”.

No matter what the business is, technology is always the savior. Today, if people can recognize, understand and capitalize on the right kind of digital enhancements such as “On demand app for cannabis delivery” in a timely way, they are sure to succeed.

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