How to Fold Custom Cardboard Cigarette Boxes


Are you a cigarette manufacturer and have your bulk boxes delivered for usage in a flat-shipped form? Every cigarette manufacturer should be well aware of the fact that how already assembled boxes can take up storage space.

When you go with flat-shipped Cardboard Cigarette Boxes, storage space problem can be addressed very efficiently. These flat boxes are provided very accurate die cut template treatment and can be assembled into shape quickly and efficiently.

However, the major point of concern for any cigarette manufacturer should be all other high quality features as well. 

  • Your Boxes of Cigarettes should be made from durable materials that are enough capable of keeping them safe with their rigid protection.
  • Cigarette boxes should also be printed with high quality designs offering logo prints of the highest quality.
  • These boxes should also have attractive color designs making them stand out from cigarette shelves in supermarkets 
  • These should be completely air sealed offering essence and freshness preservation for cigarettes for as long as possible

When you have all these features, flat-shipped boxes are always the best option. Saving storage space and yet offering all the other high quality features, these boxes are also very affordable. When you find the right packaging supplier, your cardboard made cigarette boxes should be available at cheap bulk prices.

Flat-Shipped Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Cigarettes are very fragile, probably more than most retailed products. You only need smallest level of pressure or force to break these apart as they have tobacco contained in essentially paper sheets. 

The material of choice for Cigarette Boxes more of than not is cardboard. This is for a reason as well, cardboard is available in multiple thickness grades and can offer all the protection required. 

Even though Cardboard Cigarette Boxes might not be able to replace metallic ones, but they offer just enough protection. Cardboard is also much cheaper than any other packaging material, this is particularly beneficial for bulk cigarette producers.

Cardboard also offers maximum printability features as well. Essentially made from recycled paper, all forms of cardboard have very smooth surfaces that are very printer-friendly. Cardboard is so popular in the cigarette industry that you simply do not see boxes that are made from other materials. Smokers can have their own specific cases made from much sturdier materials but for first hand sales, cardboard boxes are the most used ones.

What You’ll Need

When you have got flat cigarette boxes delivered to your manufacturing and packaging sites, the next step is to fold them in shape. If you have advanced robotic machines to do this for you, you don’t need any sort of folding guide at all. The robots should be able to do all for you.

These flat-shipped cigarette boxes have very accurate and precise folding lines on them. Not only can you easily find where to fold, these just fall into place when folded with the right tools and skills. 

For new startups or smaller cigarette businesses, folding these boxes by hand can be the only option. If you are one of these smaller setups, we have a perfect cigarette boxes folding guide. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bone folder for accurate folds
  • Glue or any other adhesive that you need for your boxes
  • Inner lining foil paper for a perfect air-sealed finish
  • Pair of scissors or craft knife for cutting the foil paper

Folding Boxes of Cigarettes Into Shape

Folding these boxes into place is a relatively easy job. You only require basic crafting skills for it. Putting the foil for air-sealed finish is an important stage. Here is the whole process in easy to understand steps:

  1. Start by having your box perfectly flattened out on a surface and even remove any creases at the start with that bone folder
  2. You would want to apply and glue any foil paper before you put any glue or adhesive on the box. Lay the foil paper flat on the box and then cut it into the required shape and design suing your scissors or craft knife. This foil paper should be cut in a way that when closed, all the interior of the box should stay pretty separated from outside air and external factors
  3. Glue areas and sides should be colored differently or have clear mentions on them. Place your glue or adhesives on these areas accurately without letting much spread out at all
  4. You will need to join the sides quickly that should have been clearly mentioned in their assembly guides provided you your packaging suppliers. Work rapidly while the glue or adhesive is still wet
  5. Fold, glue and stick which every part needs to get at whatever state. Lid should be the most difficult part, take good care with it 
  6. Boxes of Cigarettes should have their distinctive look. When every thing is done, give the first one a test run. Place all 10 or 20 or whatever number of cigarettes you want in your boxes in that first one and check for accuracy of it. If the lid of your box closes easily sealing the entire interior perfectly, you have done a good job of folding your Cardboard Cigarette Boxes.

What to Avoid While Folding Cigarette Boxes?

Folding your cigarette boxes doesn’t come without any concerns at all. In fact, when you want your cigarettes to stay fresh for long keeping their essence in place, there are some things that you should always avoid.

First of all, do not let any glue or adhesive stray out of where it needs to go. When adhesives make their way out of their places, they can even get cigarettes stuck with them.

The other thing is to have your Boxes of Cigarettes completely air-sealed. Your inner lining of foil paper should cover the entire inner surface of these boxes.

Cardboard Cigarette Boxes need to be perfectly flat at their bottom as well. These will be stood up on cigarette shelves. Make sure there are no creases or oddly shaped bottom sides with any of your boxes.

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