Create your own wine from grape Juice and a balloon at home!

Grape Juice

Wine is an expression of luxury and happiness. It is something that can make people more social, happy and definitely more cultured. Wine isn’t something that you’ll just gulp. It is an indulgence that you will enjoy, savor and relish. So, if someone told you that you could brew your own wine at home with just a store-bought bottle of grape juice, then you’d probably go crazy. We love wines and we love everyone who loves wines. So, we thought of sharing our most beautiful and easy wine making the recipe with everyone. It’s so easy to make wine; you won’t believe you didn’t try this earlier!

make wine


  • 1-liter grape juice
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 packet active dry yeast


  • 1 plastic bottle
  • one balloon
  • 1 pin
  • one Funnel
  • 2 rubber bands

Method to make Wine

  1. Clean out a working surface so that you can have all the ingredients handy and in front of you when you need them.
  2. The first step is to take a plastic bottle and fill it with the store bought grape juice. If the juice came in a plastic bottle itself you may use the same one. However, make sure that you pour about ½ a cup of the juice away because the ingredients you add will take up space. You can drink that juice by yourself while you wait for the wine to ferment!
  3. With the help of a funnel put in the sugar in the juice. Now close the lid of the bottle and shake the juice for quite some time. Basically, shake it enough to get the sugar dissolved into the juice. It is best if the sugar is completely dissolved, however, if you don’t have that much patience, you can let it sit when it’s about 90% done.
  4. Wait for it to get still. All that shaking must have made the liquid agitated. Give it some time to rest.
  5. When it is still, add 1 packet of active dry yeast to the bottle. You can use a straw to stir it into the juice + sugar mixture.
  6. Now, make a tiny hole on the thickest part of the balloon. This is usually at the dome that is opposite to the opening of the balloon.
  7. Once you have pricked it, you can now cover the bottle with the balloon. Use the opening of it as a lid. You can use a couple of rubber bands to secure the balloon to the opening of the bottle.
  8. This process essentially makes the jar airtight.
  9. Leave the bottle in a warm place so that the process of fermentation can happen fast.
  10. When the grape juice ferments, it creates CO2. This will make the balloon rise. Since the pressure inside the balloon is higher than that outside, it will not let air enter it, while it will continue to release the CO2.
  11. When the balloon collapses (usually in 4 to 7 days) it means that the fermentation is complete. If you aren’t sure you can look for bubbles in the solution. The juice is still bubbling, then the fermentation is still on. If you see that the bubbles have stopped and the yeast has settled in the bottom of the bottle then your wine is ready.
  12. Now, you can tip off the clear wine from the bottle into a different container. Make sure that you don’t aggravate the bottom of the bottle because it has all the yeast, acid and other impurities that are not nice for your wine. Slowly pour out the wine and don’t tilt your bottle back till all the wine is tipped off.
  13. Now add a tablet of Campden to ensure no bacteria can grow in the wine. Also, ensure that you cap the bottle properly so that it is airtight. You can also refrigerate it now.

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