How to Quit Smoking Easily During Student Life?

Quit Smoking

If you are a student and thinking to quit smoking, just congratulate yourself. This is the big step you have taken and you should be proud of this. There are many people or teenagers who do not quit smoking as either they think that it is hard for them or they feel that they will again start smoking after some time. After all, nicotine in cigarettes is the powerfully addictive drug and it is not easy to get rid of it.

Ways to Quit Smoking for Students

Assignment Help says that if you have decided to quit smoking, the first day can be difficult for you but by following right approach and some essential easy steps, you can easily overcome from this. So just be confident and go through these steps:

Write it down:

If quitting smoking is your ultimate goal, then you must put it in writing so that you could get motivated and do not get distracted by any other things. Just write down all the reasons why do you want to quit smoking along with the losses that you have faced due to this habit. It will enable you to keep going towards your goals and keep it in a place where you can see it easily and daily.

Quit Smoking

Try to Remain Busy:

Keeping yourself busy is the great way to get yourself distracted by smoking till your quit day. It will not only help you to be productive in your work but also keep you far from any cravings. To keep yourself busy, you can do several activities such as exercises, go to the park with friends or family, study notes, meditation, chew gum or play games. All you need to do is keep drinking enough water and relax with yoga.

Set your quit date:

You should decide a particular date or time in which you would definitely quit smoking. It will inspire you to put your 100% efforts during that time period and achieve your goal quickly. You can mark on the calendar and inform friends and family about it. They can help you in keeping on track. Just imagine that day when you have quit smoking and living a healthy life.

Try to avoid your triggers:

There is no doubt that you are trying hard but there may be a time which craves you to do smoking and they are known as your triggers. All you need to do is identifying them and try to avoid them. They can be such as after having meals, when you are with your friends or going through any stress, while drinking coffee etc. Just write them all and try to avoid smoking at those times. For avoiding those triggers, you can throw away your cigarettes, lighters and ash trays or avoid caffeine. Just drink lots of water.

Get support of family:

According to University Assignment help Students and teenagers are more likely to succeed if they get warm and necessary support of their family and friends. So, just talk to them and give them positive reasons why do you want to quit smoking and what do you expect from them etc. Ask them to help and motivate you and keep doing your efforts.

Stay Positive:

Quitting smoking is not that easy but it is not that difficult also. All you need to do is focused and stay positive. Any student who wants to quit smoking, first day without nicotine is not easy for them and sometimes it leads them to lose their confidence and negativity. Whenever you feel that you are losing your control or feel cravings, just think about why do you started this and all the efforts you are putting into this. You can talk to your friends and family also.

Consider NRTs:

NRTs stands for Nicotine Replacement Therapies and one of the most popular ways of quitting smoking. If you find that none of your strategies are working out, contact to your doctor and ask them for these kinds of treatments such as nicotine replacement gums or inhalers etc. They are helpful in reducing cravings and wean your body off cigarettes.

Quitting smoking during student life is not so easy, it demands for 100% efforts, focus and commitments. Keep following these tips and soon you will find yourself living a healthy life.

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