Trends in Drug Usage by Teens and Young Adults

Trends in Drug Usage by Teens and Young Adults

Drug usage has been a part of human society since the stone-age era, when humans would use peculiar herbs to help treat diseases, without even realizing their significance as research material for future pharmaceutical industries. The transitional shift from medical to recreational drugs has been gradual; changing with time as new drugs were discovered and popularized by those benefiting from them, soon to take become an embodiment of addictive dependency.

Teenagers and young adults have always been gullible targets to drugs and unsurprisingly, they are the ones facing the most negative effects from them. In most cases, their degree of dependency on drugs remains evident by their inability to perform basic functions in the society, from altering their personalities in detrimental ways and reducing the quality of life, to cause them to slack academically. Commitment to quitting habitual drug usage is a trait not many possess, as not only does it require great courage and consistency but, adding to the adversity, the severe withdrawal symptoms that one is likely to face during this period causes mental and physical affliction, makes the process extremely intolerable and unfavorable.

Trends in Drug

Role of the internet on drug usage

More people are now gaining awareness regarding the ‘other side’ of the internet that deals with illegal businesses; the dark web. Some online assignment help bloggers in recent years suggest that the ease of ordering drugs from the globally diverse markets present today make it even more accessible to the teens that use it habitually. The fact that the operators of these websites are so proficient in technology remains a major concern as it gives them the set of skills required to remain untraceable and concealed from the investigations conducted by authorities. The drugs are easily sent to customers through hidden mail and P.O box services, to ensure customer privacy at all costs, without the involvement or interference of a third party.

Where the development of cryptocurrency has proved to be advantageous to us in many ways, such as easing online shopping and setting up online businesses, it’s also being used to fuel primitive purposes. Out of a long list of wrongdoings, the most common is buying drugs online using the widely popular ‘bitcoins’, due to which, they are being banned in most countries of the world.The expanding network of such buyers and sellers, connected from one corner of the world to another, has been a factor that has developed a larger community and stronger business ties in the black market. Divided into groups, the parties involved in these businesses have long histories together and do not let outsiders into their network, securing them from intruders or secret investigators.


Moreover, if teens today are curious about a certain drug, they have the capability to seek extensive knowledge regarding that drug from various websites that are present on the internet. Facilitating them further, they are also able to learn various creative techniques and combinations of numerous drugs for an enhanced experience, leaving them yearning for it all the more. The internet also allows users to make certain drugs sitting at home by providing step-by-step videos and excerpts about the ingredients, instruments, and processes involved in making them. One such drug made at home is Methanide, generally known as ‘Crystal Ice’ and ‘Meth’ by the public and made exclusively in labs that can be easily installed anywhere. 

Common trends in drug today

The list of drugs being used today is ongoing and extremely long in today’s generation where chemical knowledge is common and addictive drugs are being produced from natural and synthetic raw materials, in a consumerist market like never before.  Here are two common and widely used drugs circulating across the world:


Previously used as a medical treatment for relieving pain and anxiety, this is now being used as Opioid in many South Eastern countries. Adverse effects of this range according to the dosage taken and may result in respiratory depression, anorexia, and psychosis. In rare conditions, chronic usage has been reported to be linked with acute liver injury.

Synthetic Drugs:

Cannabis usage has taken many forms by users and has gained a lot of controversy in terms of legalization. It is said to be medically beneficial, bringing euphoric sensations to patients dealing with extreme pain; however, the production of synthetic marijuana such as K2 or Spice is gaining momentum and is said to be ‘a wolf in sheep clothing’, hardly distinguishable from the natural herb.

The active ingredientpresent in this is ‘cannabinoid’, which is a chemical sprayed on dried plants, making it toxic for human intake and resulting in classic symptoms of vomiting, cough and as rarely reported, death. Based on the reports and pieces of evidence regarding the rise of such predatory drugs, we can infer that this is an internationally recognized issue and thereby, needs our immediate attention.  Before the effects of these drugs spread like an epidemic, strict actions are mandatory to control them, before it becomes an irreversible task.

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