Storing Weed for Weed Delivery Business

weed delivery business

Weed delivery is a very profitable business. Today, Marijuana has been legalized in many countries to ensure that people can make the most of its medicinal benefits. This is why apps such as Uber for Weed or other weed delivery apps have become quite popular.

It is a safe and secure way of buying marijuana. Users can simply login and order for their stash of green gold just by shopping for it from the various stores or providers selling it and then adding it to cart and checking it out like ordering pizza. Then they just have to enter the address for delivery and BAZINGA! It’s delivered right to the doorstep of the user.

weed delivery

But while the Weed delivery business is quite popular, it is not as easy as it seems. There are quite a few issues that people in this segment face.

Let’s take a look at the biggest problem: Storing Weed the right way.

What does Weed Need?

The first and foremost thing that you must bear in mind is that you have to stop treating weed as an inanimate object. Anyone who knows the plant, or deals with it or smokes up can tell you, Weed has its own personality.

Every crop has a different behavior. It is living and has a mind of its own. This is why you can’t just throw it around here and there. A stash of the green needs to be carefully stored to ensure that it maintains its flavor, smoothness and richness.

Say no to plastic

No one likes plastic. Not even weed. The problem with plastic is that encourages sweating of the bud. That will make it turn moist and very difficult to both crush as well as smoke. This is why; you should prefer either earthen air tight jars or glass mason jars. You can also opt for ceramic bottles for this.

Weed is not tobacco

So, don’t use a humidor made for tobacco. Treat these two entities separately. Please understand that weed is a flower bud which is much more absorbent as compared to tobacco. A tobacco humidor is usually made from cedar wood which has a beautiful shine to it owing to its own oils.

Now these oils can get quickly absorbed by the weed bud and therefore completely ruin its own distinctive flavor, burn or even terpene profile.

Do not Store in Newspaper

Paper is porous. It is the least safe material in which you should think of storing weed. It is also highly absorbent. It will keep on draining the stash of its own little moisture and turn it into a dry stash of hay. The TCH and CBD levels may get tampered if the paper leaves its own ink on the bud as well.

FREEZE: Said no one ever

DO NOT freeze your weed. That is the worst thing that you can do to it. It will make it soggy and damp and completely change its entire profile. You know when the medicines say “store in a cool dark place”, they mean not in the refrigerator. So, treat this just like that.

Weed Delivery Business

If you are planning to start your own weed delivery business with an Uber for Weed kind of app, remember to store your stuff properly. If you can start offering the best quality, you don’t have to worry about getting customers.

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