Marijuana Life Hacks: 10 Tips to Save Any Stoner’s Day

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We all know our usual stoner friends who like a good toke on a day-to-day basis. With every day being almost the same, it’s almost always a given fact that they somehow learn how to keep things smooth and easy like rolling a joint without rolling papers perhaps. If you’re scratching your head wondering how to roll a joint without your favorite rolling papers, then you need to read these about marijuana.

Top 10 marijuana life hacks and tips to save any stoner’s day

1. Speaking of running out of rolling papers…Use a fruit

This is probably one of the most common marijuana life hacks (if you’re a chronic stoner). Running out of rolling papers can be such a bummer and can ruin any stoner’s day. But don’t let that rain on your parade. Look for a piece of fruit and make a pipe out of it! Our personal favorites are apples, pears or cucumbers!


2. Who says playing cards are for gamblers only? They can be marijuana filters!

Playing cards can be used to lay on the table when crushing your weed (yeah, yeah, that’s pretty obvious). But the best part is they can also be used as effective filter tips when you’re rolling a joint. So try to keep a card or two in your wallet when it’s 4:20 time.

3. Who would’ve thought that bongs and magnets are a good match?

A stoner’s pet peeve is when he’s ready for a good bong high and can’t find the lighter to ignite that bobo bush. So how do you keep the lighter at bay? Stick a magnet onto your bong and never lose that light ever again!

4. Mango smoothies can heighten the highest of highs

Flavor terpenes in cannabis are responsible for inducing THC into the bloodstream. Mangoes, on the other hand, have similar terpenes that will definitely make your high last longer. Wow! What a perfect hack especially when you’re running out of weed – you no longer have to roll another one!

5. A shot glass isn’t only for your tequila nights – it’s also a grinder!

Haven’t bought a grinder? Or an old grinder not working? If you’re in this dilemma, we have just the perfect hack for you. Grab a shot glass but leave the alcohol in the cupboard, then grab a pair of scissors and grind away. But before you do, try to make sure the stalks and seeds are already removed. If the scissors get sticky because of the natural oil in marijuana, clean it them with alcohol and grind your heart out.

6. Vape pens are a must-have for all stoners

You think vape pens are only for cigarette smokers? Hell no! We have been using vape pens for God knows how long if we want discreet marijuana smoking. This is extremely useful when you’re traveling to another place, confined in a hotel, or even in a public area. Putting your skunk in vape pens creates zero to less reefer smell.

7. Ditch the ashtrays and say hello to mason jars

If you want to keep smoking weed on the down low especially when your parents or snoopy neighbors are around, try using a mason jar when you’re smoking in your room. The smell of burnt marijuana on ashtrays can stick around for a long time especially in an enclosed room. When you want those nasty smells concealed, you can close the mason jars when you’re done smoking, spray some air freshener in the room, and mommy won’t even know.

8. Preserve your weed in your jar by using a black construction paper

We all know how exposure from sunlight can damage or lessen the potency of your weed. So try to wrap your transparent jars with black construction paper and it’s all good.

9. Tired of joints burning too fast? Try dabbing honey on them

Sometimes it can be a waste of weed when a joint burns too fast. A simple and easy hack is to dab a thin layer of honey on the joint to make it burn slower, plus, it tastes sweeter too!

10. If you’re the avid weed smoker on a diet – a mint will usually hack it

Of course, we’ve had terrible cases of munchies after smoking weed before which can be bad for those trying to lose weight. If you want to end all your cravings, try popping a mint in your mouth and you’ll never want to eat those chocolates in the fridge even when you’re still stoned AF.

Author Bio: Anthony Blair, a frequent traveler, and dietitian, loves to write about little-known facts and fun stuff about travel, health, and food. He frequently blogs at The Green Ace, one of the leading Canadian company based in BC that provides legal, safe access to high-quality Medicinal Marijuana. 

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