How are Women Placed in the Marijuana Smoke Industry?

Cannabis Industry

Marijuana has of late become a very sensational topic. Today not smoking people exposed to CBD.

New studies have come into the light which shows all the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Marijuana has proven its mettle as being useful in treatment of serious ailments like Arthritis, Cerebral palsy, autism etc. This is why you have it legalized in many states across the globe. But the new face of the marijuana industry has a very pleasant surprise tucked into its folds.

Industry now is ruled by women. The shape of the business of marijuana has changed drastically over the years.

Let us identify the factors supporting women. Thereafter getting involved in marijuana smoke industry.

Women Hold 36 Percent of Executive Positions

Such a shocker, really! The business of marijuana is a very complex and multi-level business. This needs proper planning and execution. The shocking number right now is 36% executive positions in Marijuana business are by women.

Another shocking number is 63%. Yes. 63% of decision-making positions in testing labs are by women. The high percentage of women in place of executive roles in the cannabis industry is significant for many reasons; on the other hand, the main thing that audiences should keep in mind is:

More representation: As compared to any other industry, female employees are more represented than those that are a part of any other profession.

Center for American Progress said a woman holds 60 percent undergraduate and master’s degrees. Still only 14.6% handed decision-making portfolios.

Only 8.1 percent are high earners of the company. The worst being only 4.6 percent are CEOs in fortune 500 companies.

Thriving numbers of women in the Cannabis industry

Female representation in decision-making portfolios has shown to be an enormous agenda within the United States. However, cannabis business is striving to modify that dishonor. Today, women rule cannabis industry and made a massive impact in legalizing marijuana usage. Also, they helped developing the industry for the millennials or even any 21-century consumers.

Women have contributed significantly in the charge to legalize cannabis usage in states like

  • Oregon,
  • Colorado,
  • Washington,
  • California.

The Growth Of Women Is Parallel To The Growth Of The Marijuana Smoke Industry

Jane West and Jasmin Hupp founded Women Grow in 2014. It is a non-profit organization putting aspiring professionals in touch with women running the cannabis business aspiring to teach, motivate and give power to women about medicinal benefits of cannabis usage and effect it can have on women globally.

Organizations like Women Grow demonstrate that feminine representation in the cannabis industry supports more women to become actively participating and shows female consumers the benefits that cannabis usage brings to women.

Hide and seek

The game of hiding and seek with respect to cannabis is going to stay on till it is globally legalized. This means that no matter how much people know about the advantages of cannabis and marijuana smoking, they will still fear to purchase a bag of pot from their corner store. The fact people hide buying and selling gives space to cheating and other malpractices.

In order to ensure that there aren’t any malpractices when it comes to the buying and selling of marijuana, there are quite a few apps available in the market. These apps are uber for marijuana app. Just like you book a cab, you log in and get a lovely hit pot!

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