Medical marijuana for Anxiety – Here’s what you need to know?

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Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is one of the most common disorders which is affecting around 40 million adults in the US annually. Check how medical cannabis can help in that.

Medical Cannabis for Anxiety

According to a report in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry people who use these medications have increased mortality risk by more than 30%.


Yes, it is.

Medical cannabis is becoming a popular choice as an effective alternative for managing anxiety symptoms.

Also, various anecdotal results have confirmed that medical marijuana is significantly effective for people suffering from anxiety.

What is better-CBD or THC?

It has been seen that people using high THC strains often get anxious. THC can be beneficial at lower doses, the chances of the side effects get higher once you increase the doses.

Therefore, many publications like High Times or Leafly also recommend only specific cannabis strains to help manage your anxiety. The studies have suggested that CBD, the other active cannabinoid, is more reliable when it comes to managing your anxiety issues.

How CBD rich marijuana strains work?

CBD has shown to be an effective treatment alternative for treating anxiety disorders without causing any high unlike THC.

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It works by:

Modulating Serotonin Receptors

Serotonin is responsible for elevating mood. Its receptors are present all over the brain. On activation, it alleviates anxiety or any type of sudden mood outbursts.

CBD helps to activate these serotonin receptors by inhibiting the signals which could deactivate the signals. Hence, it is able to enhance anti-anxiety effects must faster

Inhibiting the Uptake of GABA (Neurotransmitter)

Low level of GABA is responsible for higher stress cases. CBD blocks absorption of GABA which in turn helps in achieving the calming as well as relaxation effects.

Inhibiting Dopamine Release

It’s another type of neurotransmitter which helps in producing feelings of pleasure or reward. Irregular level of this neurotransmitter can cause anxiety.

CBD activates receptors which are responsible for suppressing dopamine release. It decreases symptoms of anxiety by slowing down the heart rate along with blood pressure regulation.

Inhibiting the release of Glutamate

Glutamate has an important role in regulating stress responses. Adenosine receptors regulate its secretion as well. Therefore, CBD activates these receptors which effectively blocks the glutamate release.

Reducing activity of the Hypothalamic region

The hypothalamus plays a huge role in generating stress and anxiety responses. Marijuana strains which are rich in CBD slow down the heightened activity of the hypothalamus using its anxiolytic properties.

Medical Cannabis strains for managing anxiety disorders

To manage your anxiety or stress situations effectively, first, you must evaluate what is your tolerance as well as sensitivity towards medical cannabis. Then, you must understand which strains are suitable for your respective symptoms.

To bypass this discovery process, we have enlisted some of the best medical cannabis strains for managing your symptoms quickly.

It has been seen that mostly CBD rich strains are significantly effective for managing anxiety disorders, unlike THC. This is because THC strains have the potential to trigger anxiety instead of relieving it.

Granddaddy Purple:

This strain has incredible relaxing effects. It helps to alleviate stress issues effectively.

Chocolate Chunk:

It has high CBD: THC ratio which enhances relaxation in the human body. As it is highly potent, it’s advisable for you to take microdoses instead of large ones.


It’s similar to chocolate chunk strain with high amounts of CBD in it. Once consumed, you will have the feelings of calmness along with amazing relaxation effects.


This strain is one where both the active cannabinoids are present in same amounts. Plus, myrcene present in this strain work in synergism with other cannabinoids. Hence, producing deep relaxation effects.

Northern Lights:

This is a pure indica strain which provides effective stress relief, as well as help you sleep without any disturbances.


This is another incredible high CBD strain which helps to clear the mind with any stress or anxiety thereby enhancing relaxing effects.


It contains 20 times more CBD than THC, hence there are minimal euphoric issues. Hence, it helps reduce anxiety issues, especially during social situations.

To wrap it up, various preclinical studies have concluded that CBD rich medical cannabis strains are very much effective for any type of anxiety disorders including PTSD, GAD, PD, OCD, and SAD, with its amazing anxiolytic effects.

However, it’s very important to understand what will suit you and what will not. For that, you can consult any doctor who provides medical marijuana card in Los Angeles for more details or dosing schedules.

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