What are the qualifying conditions and symptoms for a medical marijuana card?

medical marijuana card

With more and more people now choosing medical marijuana for their treatment, it is a good sign that people are giving up on taboos for a better and healthier future.

So, having questions about it is apparent. Firstly,


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Here today we will discuss about the qualifying conditions and symptoms of medical marijuana card. Though, one thing you should know is that every state has its own law and qualifying conditions, so it is important you refer your state laws as well. I today will tell you in brief some of the common conditions that qualify for the medical marijuana card.

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Do you know, it is the leading cause of disability in the country? Oh yes! It is very common and it is important we address it. A person suffering from arthritis often suffers from stiffness, swelling in the joints, reduced range of motion, joint pain, and inflammation.

medical marijuana card

Medical marijuana has been proved to be very effective in reducing its symptoms. It is a great pain reliever and its anti-inflammatory properties prove it to be very helpful in the treatment of arthritis


It constitutes of various symptoms that are caused by the HIV virus. It weakens the immune system and the person fails to fight the infection.

Various studies have reflected the benefits medical marijuana has to the person suffering from the condition. Yes, it doesn’t reverse the process but helps in reducing the symptoms like nausea, pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even wasting syndrome.

Cancer Treatment

Many studies have shown medical marijuana to be very helpful in providing relief to the person going through chemotherapy. During chemotherapy the person often suffers from vomiting and nausea. And some studies on animals have even reflected that medical marijuana may have the ability kill cancer cells.


Epilepsy is essentially a number of neurological disorders. The patient here suffers from uncontrolled muscle activity and seizures. But imagine who comes to rescue here?

Yes, medical marijuana yet again is very effective in the treatment of epilepsy and helps in controlling spasms without causing any psychoactive effects.


A person generally feels hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive when suffering from ADHD. Though it affects people of every age group but the symptoms are developed in childhood.

Medical marijuana is again very helpful in treatment of ADHD. It calms the person down and helps him to focus. There are a number of medical marijuana strains available one can consume to combat the condition.


It is a common condition that affects the optic nerve. Researches have shown that eyes contain cannabinoid receptors and hence medical marijuana could be used to influence the flow of aqueous humoural.

Chronic Pain

Guess the number of people who suffer from it in the country. Almost 100 million it is. Baffled?

Medical marijuana helps in reducing chronic pain. It is also better than other medications because it has no side effects like other medicines do. Also medications like opioids are addictive while medical marijuana isn’t that addictive.


It is a condition where a person loses excessive weight. It is also called wasting syndrome. It often occurs to the person suffering from cancer or HIV.

Medical marijuana helps in reducing its symptoms like loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle wasting, and weakness. It induces energy in the person and he feels more relaxed. Also, certain medical marijuana strains also help in developing interest in eating food again thereby improving the individuals’ appetite.


This happens after a traumatic event in an individual’s life. Events like personal assault, witnessing a violent death, military combat, and disasters can cause the disorder.

Medical marijuana calms the person down and helps to combat the anxiety. Also the euphoric effects helps in reducing stress and the person starts feeling better. It is very effective in improving the health of the person suffering from PTSD.


Anorexia is a combination of an eating disorder and a psychological disorder. The individual who suffers from anorexia often had also suffered from anxiety related condition in his childhood.

Medical marijuana helps in reducing anxiety and calms the person down. Quality medical marijuana strains provide effects that induce relaxation to the person as well as increases his interest in food.

Above is a list of 10 common conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in most of the states in the country. So, are you looking to get medical marijuana for your treatment?

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